It’s the time of year when our thoughts start to turn towards long summer evenings, entertaining in the garden and al fresco dining. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then it’s also the time to think about getting it summer-ready so you can take full advantage once that longed-for nice weather arrives. Here are just seven ways you can prepare your garden for the arrival of summer.

Have a quick tidy up

It’s time to bring out the lawnmower and give the grass that first trim of the season, as well as starting it on the lawn feed to ensure it’s lush and green for summer. You should also start to dig over beds, get rid of any weeds and plant up some summer-flowering plants and shrubs, to give you plenty of seasonal colours.

Clean up the garden furniture

Even furniture which has remained covered during the autumn and winter can benefit from a good clean up before it gets used in the summer. Scrub down outdoor patio tables and chairs, machine wash those cushion covers and see that any parasols are still in good working order, in case the mechanisms have been damaged by winter dampness while they’ve been out of use.

Creating a herb wall

If you think you’re likely to fire up the barbecue over the summer, then creating a herb wall nearby is a great idea. Not only are they an attractive feature to your patio area, but they also smell fantastic and they’re within easy reach if you want to add a little flavour to your barbecued food or jazz up a refreshing cocktail.

Plant some night-scented shrubs

When the sun goes down, having some night-scented shrubs near your seating area can bring some beautiful aromas to the party. Things like honeysuckle, jasmine and phlox are highly fragranced, meaning they’re perfect if you’re planning on wining and dining with friends and family late into the evening.

Exterior garden lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the most important home décor elements you need to consider in advance of summer. If you’re staying outside to socialise, then having attractive wall lights from lighting specialists can really enhance the atmosphere and extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors. Think about getting your garden lighting fitted now, to save yourself a job when the nice weather arrives.

Invest in rugs and scatter cushions

Rugs and scatter cushions are a great way to bring some home interior design comforts out into the garden, to ensure you and your guests are comfy. If you purchase them now, you can easily store them in the house or in the shed until they’re ready for use, then you’ll be good to go the first time you want a picnic or barbecue.

Finishing decor touches

We all like to create a nice atmosphere in the garden, which is why it can be fun to start planning ahead and buying those little finishing touches. Fairy lights can create a warming glow in the evenings, while miniature fountains or tabletop water features are an attractive addition to your outdoor space. You might also want to buy some citronella tea lights to ward off flying insects and bring a lovely Mediterranean scent!

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