Do you live by the proverb “Cash is King? However, it is not an easy task to earn this cash.  The struggle is massive for startups who are trying to survive among the industry giants. General psyche of people is that they go by the brand name. Unless you have a brand name and reputation, it will not be easy to make cash.

For sufficient income, you need to have a strong online presence. Your business website should be so enticing that the visitors should get encouraged to surf. Only then you can expect customer orders.

Surviving in the flooring installation business is also a challenge. Well, this is why you need to take pain in designing your website. We will discuss tips here that will help to create a powerful graphic design for your website.

When we talk about a perfect website, then it strikes a balance between visual appeal and customer conversion. The best example is Quick-Step.

Graphical design tips for your flooring website

Go for contrasting colors

 You will be surprised to know that colors inherently communicate emotion. For example, blues show calmness. Reds showcase urgency. The colors tend to have a strong influence on the reaction of the visitor on your design.

 You must avoid color combinations with no contrast. Light gray and white are the perfect examples of bad color selection. You should go for the high-contrast palettes.

Select easy to read fonts

 You will be surprised to know that readability is paramount when it comes to web design. If the font is overly stylized, then it will become difficult for visitors to grab the meaning of the message.

Try to embrace the white space

 When you are designing your flooring website, then try to embrace white space. You do not need fillers and imagery everywhere on the site.

Navigation should be simple

The navigation should be easy. Your flooring website should be such that it should give a complete walkthrough to the visitor. For example, it should give insight into different floorings by navigating the menu. Plus, the site should offer some additional insight also like how to lay a hardwood floor.

The alignment should be spot-on

There should be symmetry in the overall design of your website. The headings, the images and the body of the text need to be aligned.

 Have a call to action

 It is also crucial to visualize call to action. Your call to action should be able to generate an immediate response. You can encourage your visitors to fill up the contact form on your site. It will also be a smart idea to prompt the client to sign up for the email list.

 It will also be a smart approach to have the images of real people on your website. For example, there can be pictures of real people installing floors. You need to understand the customer psyche. They do not want to be sold to robots. What people want is human interaction.

Keep these aspects in mind when designing your flooring website.

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