We have prepared a selection of key trends in graphic design for 2020. From the article you will learn what will be at the peak of the wave, and what goes into the past. So, what will be the graphic design tomorrow:

Templates and textures

Today, there is a noticeable increase in the use of templates and textures, but there is no need to use them like competitors. The trend for 2020 is to combine several patterns in one design, in several parts.

Virtual network users are faced with a deficit of texture and volumetric images. For this reason, the full immersion format is becoming increasingly popular.

Graphic design has picked up trends in recent years. The triumph of gradients is replaced by the triumphant return of realistic textures. Contours and graininess make you want to touch what you see. For this reason, you need to find a really good developer, to convert PSD to HTML. This allows us to speak about the future of this trend, especially in the field of graphic design.

Colour solution 2020

Specialists from the Pantone Color Institute proposed to call the main color of 2020 – a shade of blue. It is listed under the number 19-4052. Its other name is “ClassicBlue”.

According to representatives of Pantone, this shade can be described as “an encouraging presence that can cause confidence, calmness. This blue color will be associated with stability, constancy, which is lacking in the modern world. People are always in a hurry, tired of the excess of information received. They lack trusting communication, honesty. The classic blue color will help to calm down, to gather thoughts.

Specialists of the color institute decided to make a real gift for people. They wanted consumers not only to learn about the main shade of the year but also to experience multi-sensory experience, which will be associated with the classic blue color. Thematic images with soundtracks were created, thematic aroma and special fabric were invented. Cooperation with representatives of world companies allowed inventing even a tea mixture, as well as multimedia installation in honor of the main color of the year.

It is important to mention that the institute of color has been selecting the main shade of the year for 20 years. Experts’ predictions are based on the analysis of many social trends that can have an impact on different industries, including design and fashion.  


The creation of three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional measurement is a trend that has been actively developed this year. Designers can touch the miracle of making an entire universe in a small space. It will take some time to explore all the details of this universe.

The picture seems clean and simple. It won’t take much time to study it. Specialists note the presence of depth, which can not boast a flat design. The isometry will help to show all possibilities of the general view of the terrain, any program. The isometric design will not conflict with most trends. The picture shows a simple gradient of violet and blue colors. If you add some futuristic elements, the appearance of the structure will change. This picture will attract consumers’ attention.


The most important feature of the trends of 2020 is that they can be combined and you can choose something of your own. This, in turn, makes it possible to create something unique, something new in 2020. The year 2020 is a time of artistry, creativity, and fantasy.

In 2020, we will have to combine heterogeneous aspects from past and future, organic and geometric, artificial and real. Specialists have taken into account the current trends and moods of people. Everything will start with electrification, therefore, this must be remembered.

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