Do you love cooking? If no then definitely after reading this blog, you’ll love it. Cooking indeed can be fun. Designer Nora Luther & photographer Pavel Becker teamed up to make unbelievable series of photography called “Recipe Photography Concept”. This creative photography shows you all necessary ingredients floating around for making your recipe.

Nora Luther is a German designer who lives in Berlin and focuses on art direction and editorial design with a strong typographic and photographic influence. With photographer Paver Becker, her creative spirit for series of food art that highlights the raw ingredients which make up each dish has been incredible. Each given below images displays edible that rests in weightlessness, hovering above pans, plates, bowls and broilers.

Luther says, “The photographs tease the pleasant anticipation of fresh food and its preparation while the look of the ready cooked dish is left to your own imagination and creativity.”

Check out some of the mind blowing images below:









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