When I started graphic design school, people were suggesting that brochure printing or postcard printing would stop in a few year due to the rise of the internet.

We can see that it didn’t happen, and that’s a good thing when you see the beautiful brochure designs that are produced every day. Here are a few examples.

1. Energo-Holding

A brochure in Russian, nice use of photography. By Roman Krikheli.

2. The Shires

A cool brochure with good use of colours and a dynamic layout. By Cartlidge Levene.


3. 800 Group


A minimalist brochure for building and refurbishment specialists. By Ideas Factory.


4. 1.1 Architects


A brochure built arouns angles. Via For Print Only.


5. Portuguese brochure from the 70s


A very friendly-lookin vintage brochure. Via Grain Edit.


6. Yahoo Search Marketing

Nicely layed out and using UV spots, which can’t be seen on the pictures. By Caroline Tattersall.


7. Forum Properties


Cool huge titles in perspective. By Alexander Blücher.


8. SZ Developments


Subtle mix of typography, colors and good layout. By DHNN Creative Agency.

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