One of the oldest service lines in the transportation industry is the movement of household goods. Although this service has remained largely untouched by technology for a long time, things are changing really fast. Besides household goods transportation, there are other aspects of the moving industry that are being impacted by technology advancements, including storage companies and suppliers. This article will show you how the transportation industry has been evolving over the years and the trends to expect.

The Massive Adaptation of Technology

The moving industry is now following the rest of the world in adopting technological tools for an easier and smoother process. With moving companies being more proactive than reactive regarding technological solutions, there is greater efficiency and transparency. The GPS, for example, is one such tool that has significantly impacted every aspect of the transportation industry. And it benefits both clients and transporters alike.

Customers can now monitor the movement of their goods from anywhere in the world with just their mobile devices. The moving companies, on the other hand, benefit from this technology because they win their customers’ trust, allowing them to see that their products are safe. Furthermore, technology has made it easier to hire movers and pay them remotely. Ultimately, moving companies reach a wider audience digitally without spending so much on it.

The Strategic Use of Websites for Marketing

Moving companies that desire to expand their reach by growing their online presence need to have functional websites. Investing in your website can make a big difference in your business in the long run. If your moving company website design is properly implemented, you will be able to generate leads and have a steady flow of customers. One thing to pay attention to is the header and footer of your website. They serve as shortcuts for potential clients to get all the information they need concerning your business regardless of how they found your website or the page they land on. Your header should promote your brand by showcasing your company logo. It should also provide a breakdown of your entire website by providing a menu that can direct visitors to other pages of your site. Ensure you include a call-to-action that takes visitors to a separate Moving Quote page. Consider using a phone number that’s in the form of an HTML link in your header.

In your footer, provide your site’s visitors with a brief reminder of what your organization is all about. Typically, footers contain information such as working hours, payment options, links to the most important pages of the website, a short contact form, and a privacy policy. The footer should also provide the name, phone number, and address of your business. Besides making sure that your moving company’s website contains all your contact details, you must ensure that it is user-friendly and highly engaging for your visitors. Without a responsive web design, you might end up losing potential customers who can’t stick around long enough for a slow website to load. Furthermore, seeing that customer testimonials are very useful tools for offering businesses credibility, you might want to showcase the reviews provided by your customers on your website.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can and is already transforming the moving industry in many ways. Businesses now expedite and optimize their move coordination. They use set criteria to schedule leads automatically and move surveys to sales reps. Furthermore, AI systems help assign the best drivers and destination agents based on availability, proximity, and route. If any claim arises, AI can effectively analyze the damage and recommend possible resolutions to them. Since solutions already exist, it makes the job of your moving company easier and allows your clients to have a better experience.

There are customers and sales representatives who prefer to have guided virtual surveys similar to FaceTime. An AI-augmented system can help with that and create your inventory sheet in real time. This means that sales reps can maximize their time and increase revenue by efficiently quoting for more than three times the usual number of clients. Also, with an AI-powered virtual survey, you offer more convenience to your customers by allowing them to easily conduct their surveys whenever they wish.

Automated Packing

The current use of automated packing and unpacking technologies has made a significant impact on the moving industry. Companies now use robotics solutions to pack and unpack customers’ goods in a safe, fast, and efficient manner. This allows moving companies to save valuable time, energy, and financial resources so they can focus on other aspects of their services.

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