Based in Verona, Italy, Happycentro is widely known as one of the top design agencies worldwide. In this post, we take a look at some of their crafted work.

Nike – We run London

Limited edition invitation for the 10k Women Marathon that took place in London. Crafting the mockups was a daunting task for Happycentro, they had to experiment cutting the shapes, balancing the design and making sure that the card opening mechanism would work well.




Louis Vuitton invitation origami

For a Louis Vuitton store opening in Osaka, Happycentro worked with a traditional craft from Japan: origami. The letterpress work and the play on the logo make it a unique piece.




My Play Furla

Italian luxury brand Furla hired HappyCentro to develop short episodes that the brand would use on the Internet and social media. Using a lot of paper, cutting, glueing, and mounting, the studio created four cool animations for four Italian cities.




H for 36 Days of Type

Ok, this is not really made with paper, but I had to feature it in this post. Happycentro’s entry for 36 days of type is just to good to be ignored.



CuoreMotore — Hyundai

Poster that was submitted for Milano Design Week’s competition and awarded. The paper structure comes out of the wall to give new, more colorful, perspectives.



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