hokusai wave

The great wave by Hokusai is probably one of the most iconic artwork in the world of Ukiyo-e. Just like for other super famous artworks, the wave has been reinterpreted, discover a few of those adaptations in the following collection.

hokusai wave quiksilver

The Quicksilve logo reminds you something?

levis wave ad

A Levi’s ad made of jeans.

rayman wave

From the Rayman fan page.

the great kanagawa eagle

The great Kanagawa eagle.

ninja bunny hokusai wave

Via Ninja vs Bunny.

hokusai street wave

The Street Wave.

great wave of san francisco

The Great Wave of San Francisco.

wave jaybo

The hand wave by JayBo.

kozyndan wave

The great rabbit wave by Kozyndan.

field ukiyo-e

The great wave made with rice crops of different colors.

vague dechets

The great wave of trash by Chris Jordan.

nintendo ds

Nintendo DS decoration.

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