Adding class and character to your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take plenty of time. Actually, the key to creating a space that has its personality and reflects your taste might lay in choosing the right interior design style that suits your needs and preferences.

Bold and flashy elements lovers will find their aesthetic in art-deco, while those who like to make a statement should consider leaning towards luxurious Hollywood glam. Simplicity can be, on the other hand, found in inspirations coming straight from Scandinavian interiors, European classicism, or mid-century modern.

It might sound silly just to throw around these words; however, it might be the perfect start to sprucing up your space and adding a character to your home if you try to visualize them. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, check out our tricks listed below so you, too, can achieve the uniqueness you’ve been craving in your own home.

Scandinavian Flavour

Scandinavian style is all about clean lines paired with natural wood tones. The main idea behind this style is to take everything out of the space that doesn’t serve any purpose. Scandinavian style is all about downsizing and simplifying everything so you can come up with a room that serves its purpose without taking away from the natural beauty of the space.

This means you should think of ways to maximize storage and open spaces while minimizing furniture and accessories. For example, you can opt for multi-functional furniture like ottomans that act as both footrest and storage for pillow duvets, a light blanket, or a weighted throw blanket, popular during the cold winter months, that may require some extra space.

You should also try to stick with one color scheme throughout the entire space so you can maintain simplicity and consistency. Clean lines and modern furniture pieces like clean-lined chairs and tables are also part of this interior design style, so you should ensure they’re present in every room of your home.

Drama and Flash of Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam may be the interior design style you’d want to put on your home if you’re looking for a more bold and flashy look. This style is all about details, from the furniture to the accessories you place in your space. The décor elements should be a perfect match for each other, and the colors should pop. What makes this style stand out are the luxurious elements that are combined with refined amenities.

Go for glamorous furniture, as settees, chaise lounges, high-backed chairs, and even beds are ideal for this style. Use glass or crystal vases to hold flowers or other decorative elements to add elegance to your space, and try to let go of your fear of color so you can create a room that’s saturated with hues that speak volumes about your personality.

That said, it’s essential that you don’t go overboard with the accessories, or your home will end up looking cluttered instead of stylish.

Art-Deco Musings

Most of us associate art-deco with the 1920s and 1930s as a style that is bold, glamorous, and extravagant. It is often described as a combination of geometric shapes with vivid colors and a lot of ornamentation. It’s not difficult to incorporate this style into your home if you want to create an elegant ambiance, and you just need to start with the right pieces that will help you achieve that look.

You can try to look for furniture that has clean lines and has geometric forms. Furniture made of wood or metal is ideal for giving your space a luxe feel. You don’t want to clutter your room to achieve that look; instead, select only essential furniture items that will complete the room’s overall aesthetic.

Then you can also decorate your walls using artwork inspired by this era. Mirrors are another way to bring art-deco into your home, and you can complement it with an abstract painting or even a sculpture.

A Classic Look

European classicism or mid-century modern styles may be the right choices for those who want to embody old-world charm and timelessness. These styles are often used in creating homes that showcase high ceilings and decorative pieces.

The use of warm colors such as ivory or gold adds to the feeling of luxury in these spaces. To add charm to your home, add some character to its design. Choose one of these interior design styles and see how you can apply it to your space so you can add a unique touch to your home’s interior without breaking the bank.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the interior design styles you can choose from. If you have a thing for a specific aesthetic, look for inspiration from its use in other spaces and incorporate a similar style to your own space. And if you think you’ve seen all there is to see when it comes to interior design, think again.

These interior design styles will give your home a touch of class and character that you’ve been looking for. Each style has its unique elements that can help you add a personal touch to your space. So which one will you choose?

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