Most people have little to no specific knowledge about the field of design; however, it may be an example of a romantic occupation that some may think it is. It’s all about the choices. So, a career in design is not tied to your college education, as in a classic manner. If you look into some online papers, you are most likely to find out that a portion of designers are not even designers by education! That is why I am going to provide you, an aspiring student, with some tips on how to get ready for careers in design.

Why you can choose that occupation

Well, this career is quite an amazing one, and even very prospective! Moreover, this choice is perfectly suitable for a representative of any college specialization. This is where it becomes interesting. You may be currently writing an argumentative essay about slavery at your history class, or your essay is not about slavery but more into the politics, it doesn’t matter. Becoming a designer is not tied to something very specific; you can learn everything by yourself, although formal education plays a role of a great bonus, as it usually happens.

Try to focus your college experience on design

It’s super simple – focus on the design during your student years. Why? Well, universities have those programs that are created to provide you with at least some basic knowledge about the topics you’re interested in, which is why I strongly suggest taking design classes at your university, it will help. Furthermore, I also advise to “pick your passion.” It is quite a broad discipline with lots of branches ranging from interior design to the cartoon characters! You can find some sample of different design works online. So, you should go by heart and stick to what you love. I know several people who graduated as designers but didn’t know what to do, which is very sad and I could write a sad essay about this situation.

Alternative path

You can always try to learn by yourself. Thank goodness that there are lots of websites offering this sort of service. Even if today you’re struggling with history essays, you can pay a lot of attention to what really matters – your dreams of becoming a successful designer. However, you have to understand that studying yourself comes with downsides: either you keep yourself focused and study, or you get distracted and achieve nothing. So, while this is one way to answer the question about how to prepare for a career in this field, there are yet other ways.

A boot camp

Well, yeah. This may sound awkward, and you can think “I’m too old for camps,” well, the situation is different. Lots of professionals in the design and IT industries come from such boot camps. Lots of online or physical faculties are creating their own camps to provide the attendants with the most crucial and actual information about the things that have to be known when entering the industry. Some of them are even free. That’s why I am advising everyone to try attending a boot camp in case people are fond of trying out new things while not having lots of spare time to study in the academic setting.

Structured online courses

This one is usually a no-brainer. If you are studying for a degree in a different specialization, well, your best bet is to attend online courses, if you choose to become a designer. This option is quite affordable, and this creates opportunities for the aspiring student to learn how to be a designer while working on the main specialization. Quite an interesting option.


This option works almost every time for the student, mainly because it is so traditional. Basically, you study design and then go for an apprenticeship in the established design company. You may know this term as an internship, it’s basically the same. Anyway, this is a perfect option for aspiring students who want to begin playing with the design as soon as possible. However, getting an apprenticeship is quite hard, so be ready to work a lot if you get one. So, be ready to be willing to learn, improve, and show off your enthusiasm. This might be the most secure way to get your first job, after all.


As it is possible to see, there are numerous ways to get involved in the design industry. You can use so many ways to become a specialist in the field: college, boot camp, online courses, apprenticeship. In the end, you will become a designer and enter this intriguing and beautiful field, if you work to attain the required skills, of course. So, students reading this should remember that this industry is quite welcoming, and you can become a designer. The thing is to work hard and be motivated, just like with everything else in this world.

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