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The graphic design industry is positively booming in the internet age, and the US graphics design sector alone brings in a combined revenue of $8 billion. This staggering figure highlights just how much competition there is, and aspiring graphic designers have a mountain to climb if they want to contend with the biggest names in the business. For this reason, those who are working alone need to do all they can to stand out from the crowd and get recognized. One way to do this is to offer something that others haven’t thought of yet.

No matter what business you may find yourself in, innovation is the key to moving ahead of the competition and attracting clients. This is just as true for the graphic design industry as it is the real estate or entertainment sectors. Think about it this way – why would a customer choose you if you are doing exactly the same thing as your rivals? What sets you apart? Luckily, when it comes to thinking of ways to get ahead of the competition, there are services like Qmarkets that can assist business owners with innovation.

Using the market-leading innovation platform, business owners can target their business goals as well as industry challenges. Business goals include things such as continuous improvement and digital innovation, while industry challenges encompass issues like energy and utilities and banking. The software can be accessed on computers or tablets, and provides intricate graphs and tables to assist in identifying key areas to enhance the business.

Aside from using tools like Qmarkets, graphic designers could also look to replicate past success stories in the industry. One of the biggest names in the business is Moburst, which has been lauded for its creative and fun ideas. The company was founded in 2013, and specializes in mobile and app marketing and branding. Perhaps the key to the success of this New York-based business is the fact that it got into an up-and-coming market at the right time. The mobile industry is flourishing, and there is a lot of work out there for graphic designers. Another example of a business which did this well is Bates Creative, which is known to have a real understanding of branding and design.

Graphic designers can also look at common trends in the industry and think about how to expand on them. Some of the main innovations in 2019 include 3D design and typography and asymmetrical layouts. But as these things work their way into fashion, they seem to crop up everywhere. A graphic designer who can take these ideas to the next level with a brand new innovation could be appealing to clients.

Graphic designers have three main ways that they can try to stand out from the competition. A combination of expanding on current trends, replicating successful companies, and using idea management software should give small businesses the edge that they need to succeed in the bustling market.

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