grande vague hokusai

Born in Edo (now Tokyo) in 1760, Hokusai is now the most known japanese ukiyo-e artist in the world. His astonishing work gives an insight on the japanese society of the time, and still inspires artists from all around the modern world.

  • By looking at things from different angles
    His notorious series 36 views of the Fuji or 100 views of the Fuji have, among other series, shown the capability of the artist to depict scenes of the ancient japanese daily life. Taking the Fuji, he blended it into his landscapes, making it appear as part of the people’s life.
  • By being persistant
    From the age of 14 years old to his death 75 years later, Hokusai spent his time trying to get better at drawing. The result of this attitude is an amazing number of drawings prints, drawings and paintings that the artist left behind him. At some point of his life, he drew a monster or a god everyday to keep the evil away from him because he though he was being cursed, does that make you think of a blogger?
  • By staying humble
    Despite being recognized as one of the best artists of his time, Hokusai never thought of himself as a great painter. One of his most famous quotes were his last words before death: “If you gave me 5 more years, I could have become a good painter”.

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