The right UI / UX design agency is essential to your business. Without a unique, user-friendly, and eye-catching design you have no chance to overperform your competitors and create demand. It can take time to pick the right UI/UX design agency, but it’s possible and not even that complicated. Your company must find a strategic UI / UX partner so your product will achieve quality growth rates.

As a digital product design studio with extensive knowledge and experience in UI / UX design, we are well aware of all aspects of what a design agency should provide to the client and which qualities are of the most importance. That’s why we are here to lead you through the choosing process.

Your product must remain modern and updated, especially when competition grows like crazy and new technologies arise every other day. The key to an excellent customer experience online lies in high-quality visual design, low-effort task completion, intuitive navigation, and numerous other aspects.

Look in the right places (Clutch, Upwork)

First of all, benefit from the assistance of web-resources specially created for listing development and design companies with all needed information, portfolio, and feedback. The third-party review sites such as Clutch and GoodFirms are excellent resources for finding a company with the required expertise. You can check its self-presentation, experience, and feedback from clients in one place.

Also, pay good attention to freelance platforms and companies such as Upwork. In addition to all of the abovementioned, they give you an extra opportunity to check the experience of individual specialists working for the particular company. Their CVs, portfolio, and more data like education and work experience – all there. Thus, the chances to create a team that meets your requirements and vision increase significantly.

Check reviews across all platforms

After careful and attentive surfing on mentioned websites, check the company’s reviews on media and feedback platforms. It may sound ridiculous at first, but take a glance at review platforms like Google Reviews or even Glassdoor. For sure, you are not looking for open job positions or so, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out what former employees say and what problems are pointed out in their reviews.

Look for cases with similar industries and domains

You’ll never regret devoting most of your time and attention to portfolio research. Concentrate on how relevant it is and check if it comprises projects more-or-less similar to yours. Here we are talking about industry and technology.

If the company already has experience in a particular field under its belt, it is more likely to create what you expect. In addition, the company’s understanding of the market and industry significantly reduces the time required for research and familiarization and brings you to a faster start.

You can also check how well-known and prosperous former and current agency’s clients are. Well done UI / UX design positively affects brand building, influences the company image, and increases the number of delighted customers and positive reviews.

Check if they are active on their blog or social media

The company’s blog is not only a marketing tool but an indicator of its expertise. You can draw unexpectedly significant conclusions by surveying it, even without deep reading. First of all, notice how often new articles are released and how much time ago the last one appeared. This indicates the well-organized processes, management, and the responsibility as well. Besides, you can conclude that the company has necessary resources and adopts the most holistic approach.

The issues covered in the blog are another proof of the company’s expertise. Look for topics relevant to your project and conclude whether you agree with the information covered.

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And, of course, take a look at the official pages on social networks. It will help you to shed a little light on the company values and the like. It is worth remembering that an active marketing presence can be a signal of company health and legitimacy.

Hop on the call and ask all of the questions

Once all the available information has been collected and verified, there is no better option than to reach the company and discuss a potential cooperation in detail during the call.

While talking, make sure that the information from public sources, starting from the rate and expertise, is accurate. Also, feel free to ask all possible questions that remain or arise during the research; it’s always better to cover them before getting to work.

Be prepared that the design company representative will have questions about your business and your approach as well.

When these things are clear, discuss the project itself, its specifics, details, as well as your requirements and wishes.

Do you feel like working with this agency?

If so, make your move and start building a relationship. After hours of research and discussing your project requirements, it’s time to let them know you would like to hire them.

Start building a partner relationship with the chosen agency before moving to tasks. To do an excellent job, the agency must have a clear understanding of the project and your expectations. If everything goes well, you’ll get yourself a team of faithful UI / UX designers. In turn, they’ll win a long-term client.

Your communication with the UI / UX design company should be one hundred percent transparent. If you’ve got any idea or think they’re doing not precisely what you expect to get – talk it over. But don’t expect them to implement any changes for free without affecting the timeline. Consider each other like actual partners; insert all the details and risks in your contract.

To wrap it up

Finding a UI / UX agency is a significant step for any business. Naturally, it looks like quite a challenge at first glance. Carefully read all possible reviews, conduct thorough research, and accurately analyze portfolios. These steps will help you choose the right agency and turn it into your reliable partner. It’s vital to find a firm with relevant experience and similar vision – the success of your product depends on it.

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