Is your excellent picture for your blog post ruined by a terrible background? Do you need to save a photo with a plain background for your e-commerce store or new blog? There are several reasons why you may want to make an image background transparent.

But just in case you are wondering how to make the background of a picture transparent, all hope is not lost yet. Below we will describe three methods using various photo editing software like Photoshop, PhotoWorks and Paint that you can use to get rid of an unwanted background for a picture for your website. 

Method 1. Using Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the leading photo editing software you can use to create an image with transparent background. It’s no surprise that it is on this list, a vast number of photo editors use it across the globe.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to use Photoshop to remove the background of an image.

Step 1. Choose Quick selection from the list of tools on the toolbar.

Step 2. Choose the part of the image you want to retain. Photoshop will automatically help you isolate it from the background.

Step 3. If the automatic selection isn’t as accurate as you like, you can use the Subtract from selection option to retouch the edges.

Step 4. Now you can inverse the selection by right-clicking and choosing Select inverse. The background image of the picture should now be transparent.

Method 2. Using PhotoWorks

If you would rather use an easy and user-friendly photo editor to remove a background image like most users, then you cannot go wrong with PohtoWorks.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to make an image with a transparent background using PhotoWorks.

Step 1. Navigate to the Tools tab and select Change Background

Step 2. Choose the green brush option and scribble inside the object you want to isolate from the background. Then, mark the background using the other brush tool.

Step 3. The software will automatically remove the background from the picture. If you need to retouch the edges, use the brush selection to fine-tune your selection.

Step 4. Save your new image with a transparent in your chosen folder.

Method 3: Using Paint

Most people know the default MS Paint, but only a few people are aware that this preinstalled Windows image editor can also be used to make the background of an image transparent.

Step 1. Navigate to Select, mark the transparent Selection and then choose Free Form selection.

Step 2. Use the Free Form to trace the edges of the object you want to remove from the background.

Step 3. Use CTRL + S or Choose Cut on the top left corner to separate the picture from the background.

Step 4. Open a new transparent canvas or JPG picture and paste the image there. After which you can then proceed to save the image as a separate file.

There you have it — three fast and convenient methods to help you make an image background transparent. Choose the method you are most comfortable with, and follow the steps listed above to learn how to make the background of any picture transparent.

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