Being a blogger is not only about getting an increase in followers. Even if you know how to grow Instagram followers organically you still need to write interesting content for your Instagram. Making a creative post is a real time-consuming and emotion-consuming thing. But where can you find this creative energy? We wrote you an article to help you settle your inspiration.

Be in a good mood and shape

Creative energy fills only a relaxed and open mind. Psychological and physical tensions create blockages, close the doors, shutting the desired guest away. Therefore, it is not enough to find inspiration somewhere, you still need to let it in. So the first thing to start with is to take care of your physical statement.

Get some sleep

It’s very simple, but so necessary when you feel tired. Open a window, let some fresh air into the room, and get some sleep. At least for a couple of hours. Good sleep gives a powerful charge of energy, you will start to have a slightly different way of thinking, your head becomes clearer, new ideas will come.


Sport affects our outer beauty but also awakens some physical and chemical processes in the body, which can give strength for creation. For example, an evening jog can energize you creatively and inspire your creativity.


Its diversity and colors have inspired people at all times. In an urban setting, nature’s influence can be significant: just get out of the city, or have a small walk in a park and you’ll feel a rush of energy and emotional lift.

Find the best time for writing a post

For some people, the feeling of inspiration and desire to create comes in the evening and at night. During this period there is an opportunity to concentrate on the upcoming work, despite exhaustion.

Why does inspiration come at night? This is explained by the fact that during this period the body relaxes, and a person is not distracted by extraneous noises, neighbors, household chores. After the bustle of the city during the day, it’s so nice to do what you enjoy – here and there is room for thought and creative impulses.

Feed up your mind

A great weapon of a blogger is his head. It is a large archive of what he once saw, heard, learned, read. So give yourself a little boost by getting your mind some food :

Start reading a new book or watch a movie

It could be anything: fiction books, non-fiction on psychology, marketing, or even history books. You never know what can inspire you. The main thing is to get ideas out of your head and put them in a post.

The movies and soap operas will help you learn the laws of drama, learn how to turn a simple idea into a whole story, play on the contrasts and come up with ideas.

Talk with your friends

Listen to what they have to say. Stories, experiences, everyday problems, complaints. It helps to get into the world of the consumer – to understand what their pain is and what is important to them. Then you can use it in a new post or in telling about product benefits in the narrative commercial post.

Steal Like an Artist

Be inspired by what other bloggers are doing. Choose figures who work with the same audience as you do. See what your audience is interested in. Use the same topics as bloggers that inspire you. Even famous artists used other people’s work as their inspiration, so how is it any different for blogging from art?

Check different medias

This point is almost the same as the last one. But you need to expand your horizons. Look for trading on different platforms. Checking Twitter or TikTok, you can see what is popular now, what challenges are gaining momentum, and what effects are used in videos, or what topics are on everybody’s mind on Twitter. For example, you can make a promotional video in the style of trendy challenges to attract a young audience.

Make an inspiration board

There’s no need to print out photos and pictures that inspire you and hang them in your room, on the fridge. It can be a folder with photos on your computer or a Pinterest collection. Collect there everything that inspired you, everything you found on different sites and articles, Instagram, or other social networks. Anything at all. Revisit it from time to time.You can print out these little “inspirations” and put them on your desktop.

Does it help?

Inspiration is a very subtle feeling that occurs in a person on a subconscious level. It is often impossible to control it, but you can try to achieve a comfortable state and mental balance, thanks to which the creative impulse will also appear. Hope all the advice from our article will help you to start creating.

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