To create an excellent online customer journey, you have to master the transition from buying to experiencing. This the crucial key to driving high conversions. We can define conversions as actions that an online visitor or customer performs on a particular website. Those conversions lead him to become a loyal customer.

You want every new visitor to buy something from your website with each visit. You can use many tools to drive visitors to your website. For example, paid ads, content marketing, affiliates, etc, are all excellent elements you can use. But, as competition is constantly on the rise, they are some do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind.

One of the best ways to increase conversion is to encourage each new customer to buy your company’s product. That is why you should optimize your store for maximum performance. Here are some of the most effective and successful strategies you can implement in your design to improve it.

Use a simple design layout

The first thing – you need to know your goal. Optimally, your main goal is to drive your visitors to the most important part of the site that will guide them to generate a conversion.   

If the visitors are not able to find the thing they are looking for, they will most definitely leave your website. Thus, they will never return.

Look at the cleanest website designs out there and see what they’re doing right. Copy their patterns and avoid cluttered layouts.

Personalize Recommendations

One of the best e-commerce conversion generators is the product recommendation feature. This is a must-have tactic if you want to drive more revenue. This tool keeps track of the visitor’s data.

It feeds the system with location, traffic, history of transactions and purchases, and preferences. Then, it takes all that data and analyzes it so it can generate and highlight products that are on top of the customer’s mind. Be careful with the number of products per page. Too many and the visitors might not buy anything.

Improve the Purchase Experience

For your business to flourish, you have to make the conversion process quick and easy for users. To do this you can use direct Call-To-Action buttons to simplify the process of registration. It is vital to make the whole process simple and easy for your customers. If it is too complex or confusing, there is a big chance that that will deter them away.

The whole UX (User Experience) in your e-commerce store should be smooth and easy to use. You don’t want your users to other and look for something. Your two and most important calls to action should be the “Check Out” and “Add to Cart” buttons. They should be huge and bold – that way they won’t be hard to miss.

Quality product images and Product videos

Placing only images on your e-commerce store is not a sin. However, it would be best if you were to place some kind of a description next to them. Many customers would like to see what kind of features this product has. Using high-resolution images of your products makes them more reliable. The more images you provide the better. You can also place pictures of the product from different angles.

It would be even better if you added a video of the product as well. That way you will make the product closer to the buyers.

Better search

To improve your e-commerce store, you first have to improve your search. Most people don’t have the time to spend hours searching for products in your mega menu. They need to find the thing they’re looking for fast. The most used element in many e-commerce stores is the search bar. Websites like Amazon and other stores rely on the search option to drive conversions. You can also add autosuggest to match their search.

Start a Blog & Keep It Updated

Another excellent way to drive traffic to your e-commerce is by writing blog posts. By writing articles, you will be able to make your store look more professional. Write about products, goods, and services you know your audience will like. You will be able to produce an online community that will allow you to share products and content all over the world.

Launch Retargeting Campaigns

Showing display ads to your customer’s search engines is another strategy you can use. Once they have visited your website, you will be able to see what kind of products and services they’ve most liked. Then, by paid promotion, you will be able to direct similar product ads on their engine. This is crucial as it will make your customers think of your brand again.

Encourage Sharing

In a recently conducted research, Shopify has discovered that almost ninety percent of all product orders came from Facebook. That is why social media platforms have become the ultimate platforms for business growth and expansion.  If you want your e-commerce to be successful, you might want to invest some time into your social media following.

Many new online stores are turning to social media as a strategy to improve their revenue. And, it is working. This is a direct way you can sell products to your audience.

Focus on the pages and channels that convert the most

When designing and managing a website it is important to focus on the pages that drive the most traffic and conversions. This is important as it increases online sales. If you see that a couple of particular pages brings the most, try adding a link that will guide the user directly to those pages.

Provide social proof

When you’re selling products, make sure to give evidence. People trust other people more than they trust companies. Make sure to also add a page on your website where people can leave their reviews and comment about the products and services.

Be as informative as possible

If you want your website to be more trustworthy make sure you make your customers feel comfortable. You want them to be up to date with your products and services. You want to use as many descriptions as possible. Since many people aren’t able to physically get in touch with the desired products, you have to bring them as closely as you can. It is your job to showcase the features and the characteristics of your product. Having constant communication with your customers is crucial as well.

But that is not all! You have to be upfront and transparent when it comes to information your customers are interested in. for example, you have to give them secure payment options, fast delivery times, and other fees and information.

Show contact info, offer live chat

When making your e-commerce website, you have to give valuable information that customers can use to get in contact with you. This is a small thing you can do that will skyrocket your conversions. This is an especially good tactic for small, local businesses.

Highlight your return or guarantee policy

Another thing you should keep in mind is the return and guarantee policies. They should be put upfront and in the center of the page. Many new e-commerce stores do not do this. This is a mistake.

Customers will trust you more if they see that you care about them and you will do anything to improve their experience.  When you add policies about the product/service the customers will most definitely be more comfortable completing a purchase.

Offer free shipping

One way to make people spend more money on shopping is by offering a free shipping service. If you are not able to give unconditional shipping, look at the price points that you have to achieve to give them free shipping.

Counter conversion killer

A good business owner always makes sure to improve his website. You have to constantly look for issues that you can fix to improve your e-commerce store. If you see that has been a drop in conversions, make sure to fix that as soon as possible. Be sure to produce a strong theory and examination to authenticate it for you to see what works best for your e-commerce company. Whether you’re a business owner, digital marketer, conversion rate optimization manager, a data analyst, or even a web developer – gaining insight into how you can drive more visitors to take action is crucial for your job. Start implementing these tips to improve the conversion rate for any e-commerce website.

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