A patio is an excellent extension of indoor living space. It provides the perfect space to sit outside in the shade or enjoy your favourite Goldenslot games and other fun activities with friends and family. We often underutilise this space, but these six handy tips are sure to change that.

Keep it Warm and Cosy

One of the primary uses of patios is for outdoor entertainment that is still as comfortable as indoor areas in inclement weather. It is important to keep the place warm and comfortable for friends and family, especially during colder days. Install an outdoor heater or a fire pit, both excellent ways of generating the heat you need and creating a cosy ambience for toasted marshmallows or deep and meaningful conversations.

Add Life To Your Patio Area

This tip makes more sense if you live in an apartment, but it can work for any patio. In an apartment, the patio is the only outdoor space, and there are several great ways to create a sanctuary there.

  • Add standing or hang lush greenery.
  • Bring in a variety of plants to create a sense of diversity and unique appeal.
  • Create a wall garden with shelving and potted plants.
  • A good way to add character is to incorporate a stamped concrete patio.

Let There Be Light

Proper lighting in your outdoor living space ensures it’s usable whenever you need it. Consider investing in a strip of lights suspended from an umbrella for ambience or other simple, cost-effective ways to illuminate focal points. Strategically positioning solar lights is affordable and does not require any hardwiring from an outside contractor.

Alternatively, place some candles on a table or add a luxurious chandelier to the area for a classy milieu.

Cover The Place

Wind can quickly make a patio cold and uninhabitable, but a covered space stays warm and comfortable year-round. There are several options available. For example, you could add a canopy or another enclosure with transparent doors and windows to maximise the view.

If you want to enjoy the summer breeze but stay covered in winter, you could also use temporary screening. A permanently screened patio can be a very comfortable extension of the home that still provides a connection to the outdoors, but it is often a more expensive choice than a temporary cover.

Add a Water Feature

Do you have easy access to electricity on the patio? Consider installing a small water feature for ambience and natural sounds in the patio area and adjacent rooms. The soothing sound of water flowing is an excellent way to mask unwanted noises, such as cars, neighbours, and construction.

While they don’t have ambient sound, birdbaths do add visual appeal to the patio area and attract beautiful birds into your outdoor living space. Be sure you clean the birdbath regularly to keep the feathered visitors healthy.

Use Colour

While plants and pillows add colour, paint is still one of the most effective solutions for unsightly surfaces on the exterior wall or fence. You can also breathe new life into wooden patio furniture with a fresh coat of spray paint or a rich coat of varnish with a stain.

Space to Relax

The patio provides an excellent space for outdoor entertainment and rejuvenation, and you should not be afraid to transform it into a place that you like to spend time in—these tips should help spark your imagination.

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