Have you used the voice search feature? It is absolutely awesome! Voice Search is perhaps the best and easiest way to search for anything. People have started using it, making it gain popularity at a fast rate. People do not want to waste time typing. Why type, when you can talk? That is the mantra of this age!

This means you need to sit up, and, take notice of your website and its optimization for voice search. With time, keyboard search might become obsolete altogether. There are numerous ways which can be utilized for voice search optimization.

What are the strategies that help optimize your website for voice search?

Worried? No need to be! Rendering your website voice-search friendly touch is an easy task, when, you know the tips and tricks. Utilizing the current SEO strategies might do the job; but you need specialized strategies as well. Here are some of those strategies:

  1. User Intent: Voice search is an innovative creation that answers all questions, like when does a store open or price of a product. So, when you are optimizing the website for voice search, you will also have to keep in mind intentions of the user. To ensure this, ask yourselves questions that anybody would ask from a website, like store addresses. You need to make it easy for Google’s voice search to find all the information easily. Product information is also vital. Ask yourself questions regarding product USP, crucial aspects of your business and products, along with anything pertinent to your product. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, and ask the questions they might ask and make your website optimally visible. Ensure that the answers to these questions are placed at the top of your content or website.
  2. Mobile-Friendly: Mobiles, Smartphones and other modern digital devices have become the most popular form of communication in modern times. If you want your website to gain maximum visibility, you would have to maintain a mobile friendly version as well. Now, voice search on mobile phones has also grown in popularity. So, it is imperative that you make your content mobile-friendly. Incorporate short paragraphs, numerous white space, and bullet points into your content. This way you will be able to ensure that all the information can be easily found through voice search on your customers mobile phones as well.
  3. Use Schema: Schema is an intelligent form of SEO. It is a kind of mark-up language, which allows you to provide search engines with additional information. This will help you to provide an all-inclusive description about the data present in your website. With this, Google will “understand” all the information and improve the visibility of your website. This is perhaps one of the most effective strategies of SEO consultants at Seo North Sydney. When you do this, you are setting the website to be optimized for voice search and all kinds of keyword search.
  4. Long Tail Keywords: The name defines the keyword, it is a longer, more specific keyword. It is supposed to be one of the most effective forms of voice search optimization. The queries are usually specific, and most companies over-look it. Just think about how the people might use these long tail keywords. Voice searches are more conversational in comparison to typed search queries. So, this means that these keywords will be able to pick up the questions and queries asked by the customers, thereby improving visibility.

Using these techniques you shall  be able to optimize the website for voice search. As you optimize your website, you improve your chances of gaining better visibility. Voice search strategies are quite different from typed keyword search. Start the testing today, so that you can launch it as soon as possible, and gain more customers and visitors.

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