The equipment of the workplace for both freshman and senior students should be guided by ergonomic criteria for online custom writing services. And it is not only the characteristics of the furniture as such that are important, but also its arrangement. Not the least important is the design of the workplace and, of course, it’s lighting.

The problem would be solved in its way by the purchase of adjustable furniture, which can adapt to the physical and other requirements of users. In this case, it would be enough to simply change the seat height, backrest inclination, and the height of the desk work surface. In addition, it would be possible to adjust the tabletop area to comfortably perform different types of work. Then we could buy one workstation for life – and forget about the extra hassle. But, unfortunately, such universal furniture does not exist.

The first key point is the height of the tabletop. It should be high enough so that you do not have to slouch. Ideally, a person sitting straight should be completely free to put his forearms on the table surface so that they are at about right angles to the body. The seat height of the desk chair is logically related to this.

Secondly, an adjustable work chair is considered a necessary standard today. The basic parameters are seat height and back inclination. Exactly these two characteristics should have every work chair. Attention should also be paid to height-adjustable armrests and their inclination level.

The ideal position is when the legs are free on the floor and the thighs are almost horizontal, but preferably slightly tilted (about 5°). Use help with geometry if you feel that’s this information is hard for you.

Third, the workplace should be sufficiently lit. The light should come in such a way that the shadow of the hand does not interfere with one’s writing. For right-handed people it would be ideal to place the source of light to the left, and if you write with your left hand then to the right. Adjustable lamps are great, and they can meet all needs.

One last rule. If the student is using a printer, it should not stand on the desktop. Moving the print head can transmit vibration to the board, which of course will interfere with writing or doing other work. It is also important to choose the right type of printer and its mechanical properties.

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