With 444 million monthly active users on Pinterest, there’s no doubt that you can efficiently market your products and services here. Especially if you’re an artist, you can leverage this visual search engine and display all your illustrations and creativity right on this platform. However, to achieve exposure on this social media site, many artists who are new to Pinterest often wonder how to gain Pinterest followers quickly. For this purpose, you can either use an organic growth tool like PinGrowth or use other Pinterest marketing strategies to increase your followers in a matter of months.

No matter what you do, Pinterest is one of the best social media sites to promote and sell your artwork online. Most people tend to purchase a product after browsing it on Pinterest. Some even take inspiration from this visual search engine and follow a profile they like the most.

Therefore, we have mentioned some useful tips in this article to help you promote and sell your art online. Read below!

Create a Pinterest Business Account

The perks of having a business account on Pinterest is that you can view all the analytics for better insights into your marketing strategies. For instance, you can assess impressions, outbound clicks, saves, engagement rate, and what your top-performing pins are. Moreover, you can also view analytics based on age, location, and gender.

All of this can help you tailor your content accordingly and create pins similar to those that have performed the best. This way, you will have more chances of going viral quickly on Pinterest.

If you’re creating a Pinterest business account from scratch, you should simply opt for “create a business account” and proceed as you would for a standard account sign-up.

However, if you are using a personal account, you can switch to a business account by clicking on settings, followed by “account settings” and “account changes”. Click on “convert to a business account” and voilà!

Set Up Your Profile

Your profile name is limited to 30 characters only, and you can write only a few sentences in your profile description too. Therefore, you should write about yourself wisely and introduce yourself in the most genuine way, so your followers can feel a connection with you.

Again, you should use keywords relevant to your field to make your profile easy to discover. Words like designer, artist, and illustrator are some of the appropriate keywords.

If you’re selling your artwork on Pinterest, you would obviously have a website. Hence, you should add a link to your website with a call-to-action for increased website traffic and conversions.

Start Creating Your Own Artwork Pins and Optimize Them

In order to promote your art, you obviously need to start creating your own artwork pins. When you create pins on your profile, you will also have to create a board.

The board basically contains all your own pins and whatever you repin. Now, it’s essential for you to optimize both your pins and boards to help your artwork gain exposure.

It’s pretty easy to use relevant keywords and hashtags in the description of your pins as well as boards. The search bar of Pinterest will be your best bet here.

For example, when you type “art” in the search bar, you will be shown automated suggestions like sketches, prints, wallpapers, and tutorials. Upon pressing enter, you will see additional trending searches like illustration, cartoon, sketchbook, and aesthetic.

You should include relevant keywords to your pin, as this will make your content more discoverable. Remember to use these keywords in both hashtags and descriptions of pins and boards.

In addition to this, you should add website links of specific products to your pins, as it will be convenient for users to directly go to your website and take a look at your product in detail. And when the users repin your pins, you will be spreading the website link to a larger audience.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are ideal for promoting your artwork as there are thousands of collaborators in a group who share their pins in the same niche. This makes it easier for users to stay up-to-date with the niche they are interested in.

Every group has its own entry requirements, and it may take you weeks to join a group. However, you should keep trying every day until you become a collaborator, too.

To join a group board, write the keyword (such as art) in the search bar along with “group board” and hit enter. You will see a drop-down menu on the right side of the search bar. Click on “all pins” and then select “boards”. Become a part of the group which resonates with your brand!

Become a Part of the Pinterest Community

Last but not least, it’s essential to be responsive and stay engaged on this platform. If someone shares your pin, it’s better to leave them a gratitude comment as simple as, thank you.

Moreover, rather than simply sharing your pins, you should also share other users’ pins relevant to your niche. Leaving a comment on other artists’ pins will give you exposure as well.

This way, you will become an active part of the Pinterest community and will be able to elevate sales for your amazing artwork.

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