If you have a design agency, you will want to do all that you can to protect your business. Whether it is a large agency with dozens of employees or a smaller operation, you want to protect the business in order to avoid any costly issues that could be difficult to manage. Additionally, having the right protection for this type of business will also help you run the business with confidence, knowing that you have protection in place. So, if you have a design agency that you are looking to protect at all costs, then read on for the best ways to do this.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

One of the biggest threats to a design agency is having competitors steal your intellectual property. As a business that is creative, you need to protect your designs and ideas with the use of trademarks and patents for all of your work. Additionally, be wary not to steal intellectual property from others in your work – this is easily done on a subconscious level.

Invest In Cybersecurity

Another major threat to design agencies is cybercrime. Design agencies will have a lot of important files and data held digitally, which makes them a popular target with cybercriminals. You need to invest in high-quality cybersecurity products and then use staff training to teach your staff how they can carry out their role safely and protect important data. This will include steps like using complex passwords and 2FA, keeping software up to date, and backing up data externally.

Arrange Workers Comp Insurance Coverage

Understanding workers’ comp insurance coverage is essential, and you need to have a policy in place for your business. While a design agency is not as hazardous as a construction company, you will find that there are still many hazards in this type of work. Designers may injure themselves through RSI, develop an injury from sitting for too long, or have a slip, trip, or fall in the office. Workers’ comp can cover medical bills, loss of current and future income, retraining, and survivor benefits if an employee injures themselves at work. Employer’s liability coverage is included, which offers financial protection if the employee files a lawsuit.

General Liability Insurance

It is also a good idea to take out general liability insurance. This will provide financial protection against a range of threats, including court and legal fees, libel, slander and defamation, or property damage. This is an important policy to have as it covers a lot of the major threats that most modern-day businesses face.

Lock Devices

It is also important that staff lock their devices when not in use, especially those that work remotely. This prevents security issues and will help to keep your devices and important business data safe at all times.

These are a few of the best ways that you can protect your design agency. There are a number of threats that face this industry, but the above will help to protect your business, data, staff, and customers.

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