Starting an online business might seem a little overwhelming at times. There are a lot of questions that will pop into your head: “where do I start?”, “how do I measure my results?”, “how do I create and manage my content?”

You’d be surprised how easy and simple it can actually be – with the right tools, of course.

We’ve found these 10 amazing tools that will be the only thing you need when combined with WordPress: marketing automation, getting new Instagram followers, file storage, and much more will be taken care off in a glimpse.

1. Integromat

No WordPress page can go without a good cloud workflow automation – with all the plugins, apps and tools you already use, this one will make the process so much faster. All needed automation is created through a beautifully designed editor. You can choose from many pre-made templates that integrate perfectly with WordPress.

2. pCloud

There are multiple dropbox alternatives on the internet – but if you’re a WordPress user and value security and speed, then this is the only option for you. Other than these two advantages of security and speed, the tool also lets you share your files with your colleagues which is highly convenient.

3. MaxTraffic

Sending web push notifications is one of the best strategies for bringing a customer back to a WordPress website. Keep your customers alert and waiting: send them notifications about new products and services, sales or upcoming events – make the visits to your website spike up.

4. Combin

If you have a plan to start a business, you probably already know, that after creating a website, a WordPress platform is not enough – you will have to do something with marketing and especially social media. Get real Instagram followers by using Combin – like, comment, and follow other users to attract their attention.

5. Focused Collection

Visual information is crucial for any website nowadays. To represent our brand, we often use stock photos – there is a wide selection of free and paid stock images around the web. The focused collection is something new and different – it has complete sets of pictures for different themes like animals, cities, education and more. Perfect for creating a strong image of the brand.

6. Word Counter

WordPress is an amazing platform for content creation – it has various content and SEO tools to help you out, but one important tool that you just cannot go without is a very precise word counter. This one has a minimalistic design, is easy to use and understand, and also has integrated social media standards for word count.

7. InvoiceNinja

After starting an online business you will have to step up your game and start working with your potential clients – collecting their emails by offering them something of value in return and reaching them with your news and sales. Proposals creation tool can help you reach your customer – the drag & drop tool offers great templates to make it look great. And later it can help you send the invoice from anywhere, after all the name is InvoiceNinja.

8. Magic Password

This WordPress Security Plugin can work wonders when it comes to remembering passwords and usernames. This plugin also protects you from brute-force attacks, phishing & keylogger attacks, and WordPress website takeover. The tool works by pairing your smartphone with your WordPress account and creating a specific code when you need to log in.

9. Omnisend

Omnisend is an ideal tool for WordPress ecommerce marketing automation if you want to run an e-shop. It can make the work with the website visitors so much easier: turn them into subscribers with signup boxes, popups, and landing pages. Afterward, start working your way up by converting your subscribers into shoppers and eventually – repeat buyers.

10. Salesmate

Salesmate is one of the best additional tools for WordPress – if you want to run an e-shop, it will work wonders by helping you plan and keep on track with your sales processes. It’s easily customizable and adjustable, therefore easy to use and integretable with more than 700 different apps.

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