Among the many ways to market your business or your clients business, one is often overlooked: sticker marketing. People tend to avoid it, because it’s not so easy to promote anything with stickers, you have to be creative. However, if you do it properly, sticker marketing can tremendously help your business to grow.

Be creative

That’s the most important for sure, stickers marketing is quite hard and you’ll have to be creative to be efficient. An image is worth a thousand words, so I suggest you take a look at this article on Creative Guerilla Marketing.

Make the message short

On a sticker, your message should be short and must be read in a second. People will not waste their time reading five lines of text on a sticker, you should know it. Sometimes just your logo is enough, other times you should

Place it well

Don’t rely on your customers and friends only to place your stickers, place some yourself. For the stickers you go place, try to chose spots that make it unmissable, but don’t look like you are invading the public space either.

Go with die cuts stickers

Die cuts stickers will obviously get much more attention than their square, round, or rectangle boring counterparts. Die cut stickers let you be creative and allow you to create stickers with any shape you want.

Size it right

Think about who will use your stickers. Are they geeks? Bikers? Fifty years old moms? In each case, a specific size would be more appropriate than another. Think thoughtfully about which size would be more suitable for your stickers.

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