It’s hard to picture your little boy growing up and becoming a person on his own, with interests you had no idea about and musical preferences you might not understand. Regardless of how fast you think time passed by, you have to give your little man the privacy he needs so that he can continue exploring his personality.

And, what better way to start if not by offering him a full make-over for his bedroom? Here are some stylish tips for you to transform a previous boy’s room into one suitable for a young adult.

Functionality is the key

With so many inventive solutions for each problem, no room is small enough nowadays, meaning you can easily maximize each corner and inch of the room to make it fully functional for a young adult.

Start by gathering all the toys reminding him of the past years and storing them in boxes in the garage. If your boy still feels reluctant about giving up the best years of his life so far, you might compromise and keep some of the toys as decors on shelves or inside the bed’s storage place.

If the room is small yet tall, you can maximize the space on the vertical. You can lift the bed in the upper part of the room, as close to the ceiling as it feels comfortable and use the open space left underneath for an office or a small closet. Apart from being cool, this decor will also be functional as it allows you to use all the available space without making compromises or feeling the room is too crowded.

You can use similar techniques for the rest of the room’s walls and opt for shelves in irregular layers instead of full closets. This tip will make the room feel more spacious while also giving you enough storage space for all your books, DVDs, and school supplies.

Get inspiration from his hobbies

The easiest way to make a room appealing to your preteen is to take interest in his hobbies and try to express them creatively indoors, without overdoing it. For instance, if your boy likes nature, you can swap the regular, plain bed with a tent bad or add a canopy on top of the old one. Reclaimed wood, organic branches, and other vintage and natural materials can help you easily bring outdoor adventures indoors, contributing to the overall camping vibe.

If your teenager is into sports, you can add decor accents that show his passions. Make a board to display all the diplomas, medals, and cups he won at sports competitions and don’t forget to also find pieces of furniture that match his athletic skills.

A pouf chair in the shape of a basket ball or soccer ball could easily change the scenery, hinting to your little man’s passion without feeling like it’s too much.

If your boy likes traveling, you can turn his room into a display of the coolest souvenirs from his trips. Decorate the walls with magnetic maps and road signs to keep his spirit young and nurture his passion.

A room with a view

One of the easiest and less expensive ideas to turn a plain room into a cool one is to paint one of the walls to look like a rainforest, mountain or lake, depending on your son’s preferences. Use bright colors and make the decor as authentic as possible.

If your painting skills are not exactly on point, you can opt for a photo wallpaper. Keep the rest of the furniture simple and in colors to match the image on the wall. White and wood-like colors are neutral and perfect for integrating natural elements inside.

For a touch of uniqueness, you can use a vintage photo for the wallpaper mural, especially if your boy displays artistic disposition to photography, graphic design or painting.

Leave room for pets

Growing up, most little boys and girls will ask for small animal companions like birds, reptiles or rodents. Teach your child that, as he grows up, he needs to become more responsible and realize that the wellbeing of his pet depends on him.

That being said, make sure his new room is pet-friendly and has a designated spot for the small animal’s cage, away from direct sunlight exposure or a heating source. And, if your boy is willing to make his pet’s life more comfortable, help him choose the right cage for his small rodent. Here you can find a list with some of the affordable ones with all necessary toys and accessories.

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