Have you just started with web development and want to know the important factors for designing a website? Or you are just a business owner creating a first website for the business. If you fall under any of these conditions, you are at the right place. This post discusses top factors to simplify your website designing task.

Many business owners can learn the basics of creating a website, but they struggle to increase foot traffic. Today, business owners have many advanced tools to engage with target audiences and boost online communication. But, having an intuitive website makes you an authorities business in the industry. If you want to create an engaging website with increasing online traffic, you should incorporate these factors with the website.

Important Factors for Designing a Website

The goal of a business owner to create a website is an online presence. You can do that by ranking your website on top search engines such as Google. But, your website should meet Google’s guidelines to rank among top websites. Here are some important factors for designing a website:

1. URL

Planning and building a URL is one of the most crucial tasks. The URL works as an online address for your business. If you have an ordinary email address, your target audience will find it hard to trust your business. Therefore, you should include a good URL that optimizes with the search engine and help you with the SEO campaigns.

2. Sitemap – Structure

Another factor to consider before creating a website is the correct structure or map of the website. Keep in mind that the target audience has a habit of using pyramidal structure. This means that your home page should be the first page, then the categories. You can add about us and contact us pages in the last. If you follow a unique sitemap structure, it will confuse your target audience, and they might leave the page. Another thing that you should remember is that Google values a well-designed website that follows a hierarchy. Therefore, website structure is one of the important factors for designing a website.

3. Reliable Hosting

Always choose paid hosting with good customer support. Choosing free hosting might not offer a reliable service. Many free hosting doesn’t offer 24 hours of service. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing the hosting service provider. Poor hosting has many flaws that might reduce web traffic on your website. This includes:

  • Slow loading
  • Lack of security
  • Lower website performance
  • Low ranking on Google

Check for reviews and ratings before choosing a hosting service provider.

4. Security

Incorporating your website with an SSL certificate will improve your website ranking on the Google search engine. Especially if you sell products online, you can protect your customers’ information with an SSL certificate. It creates secure communication between your website and the customers. When your website is SSL-protected, more customers will trust your business.

Remember that you have to choose a reliable and reputed certificate to secure your customers. You can find various SSL certificates with different features. While choosing a certificate, always consider after-sales support, price, number of domains, and validation type.

5. Effective Color Scheme

Colour schemes are also an important factor in creating an engaging website. You can choose from a wide range of colour palates. Furthermore, you can also create personalized palates that evoke emotional responses such as happiness and calm. Many marketing teams focus on colour schemes to interact with the target audience. You can consider elements of colour theory to choose attractive colour schemes. Many studies claim that colour schemes significantly impact customers’ decision-making ability.

6. Branding

Proper branding increases customer engagement for both small and large businesses. This includes logo design and placement, user-friendly website design, and memorable brand experience. Needless to say, branding can change the overall perspective of customers towards a brand. If you want to create a successful website, you should invest significant money and time in branding.

Also, a business with consistent branding can create a memorable and positive influence on customers. Many customers skim through the website before they start buying. They decide whether to trust a brand or not through branding. Therefore, you should enhance your website’s branding to create a successful website.


Creating a website is an easy task but focusing on factors that improve user experience and online visibility is challenging. It requires extensive experience and knowledge to create a top-ranking website. Reading blogs and watching YouTube videos you can learn about important factors for designing a website, but mastering this takes a significant amount of time.

If you want to create a high-quality website, you need a professional web design London agency. Having a professional team by your side, you can create an intuitive website with higher web traffic. As a result, you can increase your sales and revenue.

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