Commercial fashion photography is one of those areas where art and money often converge to make something beautiful. It’s exception, not a norm, for finances to prop up an art form instead of ruin it. Fashion photography has the unique challenge of attempting to focus the viewer on the clothing or other apparel while also creating exciting imagery.

This is where we all as designers can learn from the fashion industry. Striking graphics that grab attention while also focusing the attention of the viewer are not easily created, but there is so much inspiration to be taken from fashion photography.

In this collection, take some time to observe how the photographer used the scene, model(s), angles, and other effects to focus (or fail to focus) your eye on the target. Check out these amazing photographers and remember that you sometimes have to view a photograph in the context of the entire shoot to understand what the photographer is going for. Which ones work? Any utterly fail.

Meet da Paparazzi

By Andie Makkawaru

Sea Change

By Matthieu Belin

6 O’Clock

By Josefine Jönsson

Wild Field

By Andrey & Lili

A Grand Entrance

By Chris Mazur


By Joanna Kustra

Editorial Chealsea Day II

By David Benoli

Big Girls Don’t Cry

By Ana Dias

Octopus Dancing

By Widy Antara

Red Attitude

By Brenda Waworga

Sun Light

By Klodi Monsoon

Contest Model Casting IV

By Lilith LeFay

Street Photography

By Rui Rodrigues

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