No one is in a hurry to entrust the control of a passenger plane if the pilot has completed a two-week course. If in this example the lives of people depend on the skills of the pilot, then the fate of your site directly depends on the skills of the Magento developer, whether it will be interesting and whether the expenses will pay off. In order to understand what criteria to follow when choosing a Magento developer for your store, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the key skills that a candidate should have.

Innovation & Creativity

Magento Certified Developers are people who can combine both creativity and technical skills to implement an idea. Understanding of innovative tools and technologies allows you to implement even the most daring ideas that can bring positive results. When interviewing, try to understand whether the person has not only high professional knowledge, but also how creative he is in his work.

Knowledge of Various eCommerce Integration

There are many directions and marketing tools. Leading specialists of large companies are working on them. For example, chat bots can significantly improve the percentage of sales and reduce the number of bounces. Augmented reality – attracts users by making the resource more popular for its audience. All this is important not only to understand, but also to be able to integrate. The skills of integrating e-commerce technologies will allow:

  • improve the process of user interaction with the store;
  • increase site traffic and the interest of potential customers;
  • reduce advertising costs;
  • improve store functionality score;
  • improve user behavioral factors and much more.

All this is achievable if the performer has sufficient skills and actively monitors trends in the commercial market.

Knowledge of Programming Languages

The development of an online store is certainly associated with the use of programming. It is also obvious that the developer must know not one programming language, but all those that are considered basic. Programming will allow you to implement both template technologies and introduce your own. Make sure the specialist has the right skills. Elogic employees are especially appreciated (you can find the site by following the link

Knowledge of PSD and XHTML

Photoshop is quite functional and useful, and therefore has gained significant popularity not only among users, but also as a developer’s tool. Interacting with XHTML files will allow you to develop new templates, prepare projects, and improve visuals. In the service market, these skills are highly valued, and specialists with the proper level of PSD and XHTML proficiency are in demand.

Good Communication Skills

It is simply impossible to achieve an ideal result if you do not establish communication between the customer and the contractor. On the one hand, a specialist must perceive the task set by the customer as accurately as possible. And the customer must understand the executor. High communication skills are indispensable here.


As you can see, choosing a contractor is a rather complicated process. But the success of the project will directly depend on how correctly you do it. Licensed professionals and specialized agencies are prime candidates on your list.

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