So the Inspiration Bit’s group writing project is over, it even has made digg’s front page. It was a real pleasure to participate and try to find inspiration to write an entry on finding inspiration (hmmm… weird…). If you want to see what other people wrote, please follow the links in this list and enjoy. I didn’t finish the reading yet, but I will for sure read them all, those I have read so far being really good.

To me, the inspiring thing in this group writing project is to see what people from different countries, jobs, backgrounds and interests have to say on this specific topic.

  1. 5 Sources Of Inspiration in Photography by Brian Auer
  2. Seeing Life Through The Eyes Of Inspiration by Andrew Rickmann
  3. Sources Of Inspiration For Your Blog by Simonne Matthew
  4. Inspiration For Blogging by Ronald Huereca
  5. Webmaster Blog Inspiration by Lee Robertson
  6. Reliable Sources Of Inspiration for Inspiration Bit by Vivien
  7. Inspiration For Design And Advertising by Tara
  8. Frustration Is A Source of Inspiration by Bes
  9. Graphic Designer

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