Sometimes achieving an apartment space that’s stylish, comfortable, and practical can be a difficult task, and often when stuck inside we start to wonder whether our homes are in need of a refurb altogether. Want to make the most of your apartment space, and freshen it up a bit with some modern changes? We’ve compiled a short list of tips that should provide some inspiration. Read on to find out more!

Clearing floor space

Being in prime areas of a cityscape, within arm’s reach of different points of interest (such as restaurants, work offices and retail spots), apartments often come at the cost of a reduced amount of space to work with, so it’s important that you think creatively and make the most of what you have. Come up with some innovative storage solutions, keep your possessions to a minimum if you can, and perhaps even sell some old furniture/clutter that you no longer need, in order to make some extra cash for renovations in the process.

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Using smart tech

One of the best (and often easiest) ways to modernise your home and get it feeling future-proof is to invest in some smart home technology. Not only will it help you to get the most out of your apartment, turning the space into an efficient and well-oiled machine, but it’s also the perfect party piece to turn the heads of friends and family and impress them with technology.

If you’re new to the world of smart tech, there are a ton of different varieties that you can try, from smart lighting that can change into thousands of different colour combinations on command, to even smart heating setups that allow you to remotely control the heating throughout your apartment. What’s better still is that these technologies often work in tandem with each other, meaning that you can connect them up and have your home running itself in no time!

Keeping things bright

Again, when working with a reduced amount of space in an apartment, one of the best ways to make the most of the area you have is to use bright, inviting colours, that reflect natural light and keep the home well lit throughout the day. If you want to invite in some colour, then perhaps go for a feature wall, providing a vivid colour while also retaining those whites and light greys.

Another quick trick that you might want to employ is installing a large mirror on a wall, perhaps in the bedroom or one of the smaller, more closed-off areas. Aside from being a nice addition in the first place, mirrors also help to give a bigger feeling to a space, and again, reflect natural light well to ensure you’re getting as much of it as possible!

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