Every time Apple is about to launch a new big product, like the iPhone or the iPad, fanboys go crazy creating some concepts and mockups of what the device could look like. As far as I know, Apple is not planning to start producing watches and didn’t even give any hint that they could. However, Apple’s product design are so inspiring that people will try to emulate it on various other products, in this case watches.


This concept takes a lot from Apple’s UI goodness, but the overall product design doesn’t look that good to me. I’m not so sure that the touchpad would be so efficient on such a small screen either.

iCal watch

The idea behind this concept is quite good, but I’m not sure about how practical such an item would be if you can only update it from your computer.


A concept that proposes to include the iPod’s functionalities in a watch.

iPod watch

Another iPod-like watch concept, interesting too.

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