People living in big cities with an average income often crave one thing: space. Unfortunatly, appart from moving out of town or a major income increase, you will surely have to do with what you have. The interior designs you’ll see in this post are brilliant way to deal with a lack of space.

1. Under the roof

If having the dream place to read by the window is not enough for you, a sliding bed will make your nights perfect.


2. Double beds

A series of four double beds in quite little space.


3. Ceiling storage

Not the most beautiful storage you’ll see in this post, but pretty efficient if you lack space to put your stuff.


4. Foldable table

A foldable table that turns into a painting frame if you put it up against the wall.


5. Stairs storage

A great way to keep the space under the stair usable and optimized.


6. Closet bed

If you are straight but still want to come out of the closet, you should install this kind of bed in your home.


7. Window side bed

Beautiful and cozy bed by the window, the perfect place to read during the day.


8. Stairs drawers

Another way to take advantage of stairs for storage, using each stair as a drawer.


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