An invoice is an official document a seller sends to the client to inform the person it’s high time to pay. The invoice is suitable both for one-time and small transactions and for long-time cooperation. For example, a web designer made a one-page site, issued a $500 invoice to a customer, he paid for it. That’s it, the deal’s done. Invoices are used to pay both for services and goods. Nowadays, Internet trade is extremely popular, so the need for invoices increases.

Is it difficult?

Years ago, it was not an easy task to get all the invoices ready (especially speaking about large companies with plenty of customers). To prepare even one invoice manually, the person must spend about ten minutes +checking for correctness. Imagine the situation when there are hundreds or even thousands of such documents! It will take plenty of time; besides, an employee will have to invest time in it instead of doing something else. 

Nowadays, all businesses, from startups to huge companies, have a chance to utilize special services called invoice generators. Those are excellent for those who want to make the process of preparing invoices easier and quicker. Besides, it can even help to attract customers. But how is that possible? Let’s have a look. 

What to include?

As an official document sent by the organization to a customer, the invoice must include:

  • The date and number. The latter can be any or there may be no number at all. The date is usually enough, but, to be on the safe side, we recommend putting the number as well.
  • Information about the customer: company and country name, legal and postal addresses, customer name.
  • The subject of the invoice and the quantity. Here, we indicate for what goods or services the contractor is paid, and the total number of services or goods. If a company, for example, develops sites and receives an hourly payment, then you can specify the number of hours.
  • The total amount of money and the currency.
  • Details and due date.
  • Stamp or company seal, if any. If not, don’t worry: it is not necessary for individual entrepreneurs.
  • Signature of the person who issues the invoice.

If the customer paid for the services, then your work was accepted and he has no complaints.

Invoice generators benefits

So, why is the online invoice generator convenient and fast?

  1. You do not have to spend time creating and checking an invoice manually or order it from a specialist.
  2. The service is suitable for any sphere and scale of business – from freelance or startup to large companies.
  3. It’s possible to create and download unlimited invoice quantities for free.
  4. Due to the unique design that you may choose, your customers will remember you for a long time. – the best invoice generator 

So, you are already attracted by the opportunity to create invoices quickly. But what generator to choose? You may notice there are plenty of them on the Internet, but we recommend you Here are the reasons why we consider this generator the best.


There are some templates available to you so that your invoices, for example, for counterparties, may differ from invoices for others. Customization is a great chance to make people remember you.

Rapid creation online

You can easily and quickly add any information you need in an invoice, specify a currency, and place your logo on an invoice. It’s quick, convenient, and much easier than preparing such documents manually.


With the help of, it’s easy to create an original invoice from scratch in just 1 minute, download it for free and send either an electronic or printed version to your customer. Check it here.


The online generator offers templates, so one of them will certainly suit you, no matter what types of goods and services you sell.


Finished files can be sent immediately to your customers, which saves time.

Adding a logo

Adding a logo is another thing we strongly recommend. It will make your invoices more recognizable.


All in all, with the help of invoice generators, creating invoices is pure pleasure. A number of benefits make such tools a must-have for every business. With the help of, every person can create an invoice in minutes. It’s fully free, so you won’t have to spend a penny on such useful software. Besides, using it, you don’t have to pay an employee for creating invoices. So, benefits are obvious, isn’t it?

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