Written by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel is a fascinating book that has inspired plenty of artists. In this short novel, Borges conceived a universe consisting of an enormous expanse of adjacent hexagonal rooms. In each room, there is an entrance on one wall, the bare necessities for human survival on another wall, and four walls of bookshelves.

This particular setting coming out of the writer’s mind has inspired plenty of artists to take on a visual representation of it. Here is a selection of a few artworks trying to depict the Library of Babel.

French engraver Eric Desmazières’s version of the Library.

Jean-Francois Rauzier’s version of the Library’s eternal hexagons.

Andrew DeGraff’s take on the Library of Babel.

Less artistic, but just as interesting, a digital rendering of Borges’s Library by programmer Jamie Zawinski.

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