Thanks to javascript frameworks, creating visual effects on your website has become quite easy. To create tooltips, just look at these techniques using popular frameworks.

jQuery tooltip plugins

1. jQuery tools tooltip

Easily create simple or complex tooltips, adding some cool effects to it.

2. Simpletip

A simple tooltip plugin with many default options.

3. Tipsy

Create a Facebook-like tooltips effect based on an anchor tag’s title attribute.

4. MB Tooltip

Yet another alternative to create a simple jQuery tooltip.

5. HTML Tooltip

Inline HTML Tooltip lets you define rich HTML tooltips that are embedded directly inside your webpage.

Prototype tooltip plugins

6. Cooltips

Lightweight unobtrusive JavaScript web-browser tooltips replacement technique.

7. Prototip

Easily create both simple and complex tooltips.

8. BlogFish’s tooltip

Totally flexible tooltip with Prototype.

Mootools tooltip plugins

9. Default MooTools tooltip

The basic default tip plugin bundled with MooTools.

10. Mootooltips

Display tooltip messages from HTML elements, Ajax calls or text added manually.

YUI tooltip plugins

11. YUI tooltip

Tooltip is designed to be simple to implement with easily-accessed configuration options and visual styling handled entirely via CSS.

Dojo toolkit tooltip plugins

12. Dijit tooltip

Create nice tooltips with this Dojo toolkit widget.

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