With Easter just about to happen, you may spend more time in the kitchen than usual, whether it’s for cooking or for eating. This is usually the time when I start to think about what’s missing in the family kitchen, and how uncool the appliance I own is. This post is the result of me looking for new stuff to buy for my kitchen, and some of it is just quite amazing.

1. Blood splash

A set of kitchen gadgets, like the cool chopping board, that will bring a splash of blood on your kitchen counter.


2. Coldfinger, mittens for ice tongs

This is just too cute, I’d buy it just to show off and entertain guests. My kids would just love it as well. Picking ice will never be the same again.


3. Scratch my back

A cheese-grater that looks like a hedgehog, how appropriate. A cute interpretation of this common kitchen appliance. It looks quite practical to use as well, with enough space under to keep cheese.


4. Popcorn cannon

Making popcorn is fun. You can make it the old fashion way or in the microwave, it’s always cool to listen to the corn popping. But with the popcorn cannon, you enter in a whole new dimension of fun.


5. Nessie

Nessie is a soup laddle inspired by the Loch Ness monster, with its head popping out of the soup. It also looks terrific and really cute.


6. Spartan knife holder

This is not just a product you can purchase, but an amazing tutorial to create something that all your friends will want. With a bit of CNC and woodwork, you can create this amazing Spartan knife holder.


7. Sharky tea infuser

A tea infuser that will make your tea look like it has a shark in it. If you have some tea that takes a red color, it will even look like your shark has made a victim. This project won some design awards and was designed by Pablo Matteoda.


8. Ferry lid

Made of silicon, this ferry boat by Fred and Friends will make your cooking pot look like it’s going on a cruise. Pretty cool if you ask me.


9. Magic wand shaker

Want to magically make your dishes more tasty? Try these magic wands shakers for salt and pepper.


10. Hot man trivet

This trivet is pretty badass. It stays on your table and carries hot stuff like Vin Diesel would carry a burning car (or something like that).


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