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Blog posts with tons of jQuery scripts are pretty cool, but you’ll have to know how to use them first. To be able to use these scripts, you’ll have to learn jQuery first. For that, here is a list of the best resources for learning how to use the javascript framework.

TN3 Gallery

A responsive image gallery script, take a good look inside the code of this paid script and you will learn a lot about jQuery.

jQuery’s official website

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Sounds like obvious advice, but jQuery has a very good documentation available for both beginners or advanced users, the two sections you should absolutely bookmark are the documentation and the tutorials.

1. jQuery tutorials

This is a page that lists a comprehensive list of quality tutorials in several languages, I’ve been learning a lot from there.

2. jQuery docs

Not for beginners, but this section will let you browse references and find most of the informations that you could need.

Blogs and websites

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Like for other popular frameworks, jQuery gets some websites dedicated to it. The following websites are great resources for anyone wanting to learn jQuery.

3. Learning jQuery

Multi-author weblog providing jQuery tutorials, demos, and announcements. There is tutorials for all skill levels.

4. jQuery for Designers

One of my favorite jQuery related resources for visual effects.

5. Learn jQuery Now

Lots of great tips and tutorials for the jQuery learner.

6. jQuery for absolute beginners video series

If you are starting from scratch, these videos will explain you in details how to do some things with jQuery.

7. jQuery How-To

A tutorial blog for jQuery, good to follow for great advice.

8. Visual jQuery

Not exactly a place to learn jQuery, but I understood a lot about the framework by getting a visual overview of the functions.

Books about jQuery

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Some people learn better from books, the best advantage of working with it is that you’ll get a better overview and deeper understanding of the topic.

9. jQuery in Action

This book introduces you to the jQuery programming model and guides you through the major features and techniques you’ll need to be productive immediately.

10. jQuery: Visual QuickStart Guide

This book will teach readers how to make the most of jQuery using the task-based, step-by-step, visual format.

11. jQuery Cookbook

Learn how to add components from the jQuery library to your websites and web applications, with detailed recipes for tasks ranging from basic integration to complex user interface development.

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