At IFA 2017 in Berlin, Logitech unveiled its latest high-end keyboard that includes a multifunctional scroll wheel on the left hand side. This scroll wheel is the secret weapon that makes this keyboard so good for power users.

With keys that make it somewhat similar to a laptop keyboard, Logitech added a little hollow to each key to make it more ergonomic and user-friendly. Material-wise, the Craft keyboard is based on a metallic plate with added aluminium, it uses a battery that can be charged using a USB port.

The scroll wheel is definitively the strong point of the keyboard, and probably the best reason to buy it. It can be used for many functions in Photoshop, Word, Adobe Premiere, or Google Chrome. It can for example be used to change tabs very fast in Chrome, or to go from a screen to another in Premiere. Of course, there will be a learning curve, but the features are quite stunning.

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