As a full-time freelancer and part-time geek, I like to play around and install applications on my Mac. In the following list I share some of the free Mac apps that make my life easier. I also own a PC, so I give my readers who use a PC an alternative for each app.

1. Name Changer

name changer app icon

Rename lists of files, the perfect software to batch change the files your clients are sending to you. It can be good when working with pictures too.

Windows alternative (no software needed)

2. Anxiety


Manage simple to-do lists with this lightweight application. Perfect for people who don’t want or need complicated GTD software.

Windows alternative

3. Cyberduck


FTP software with a nice and usable interface, integrated with several text editors.

Windows alternative

4. Adium


Connect to all your messaging accounts in this open-source instant messaging application.

Windows alternative

5. Carbon Copy cloner


Create complete and bootable backups with this easy-to-us utility.

Windows alternative

6. The Unarchiver


Unpacking utility that handles tons of formats.

Windows alternative

7. AppCleaner


Don’t leave any files on your computer when uninstalling applications with this great little app.

Windows alternative

8. <


Image manipulation software, a decent alternative to Photoshop.

Also available for Windows.

9. Skype


Voip service to make free computer to computer calls, or cheap computer to phone calls.

Also available for Windows.

10. Firefox


Free and open source web browser, customizable with tons of great addons.

Also available for Windows.

11. Caffeine


Don’t let your Mac go to sleep, keep it caffeinated.

Windows alternative

12. Burn


Advanced CD and DVD burning on Mac.

Windows alternative

13. Handbrake


DVD to Mpeg converter, useful for recovering data on DVD.

Also available for Windows.

14. Audacity


Open source software for recording and editing sounds.

Also available for Windows.

15. Smultron


Free and powerful text editor for Mac.

Windows alternative

16. InkScape


Open source vector drawing editor, a decent alternative to Illustrator.

Also available for Windows.

17. Freemind


Mind mapping software, my favourite way to organize my thoughts.

Also available for Windows.

18. Disk Inventory X


Disk usage utility for Mac OS X, quickly see what’s taking space on your system.

Windows alternative

19. Colloquy


Advanced IRC client, chatting with a nice interface.

Windows alternative

20. Neo Office


Open Source office suite for Mac, a great alternative to Word & Excel.

Windows alternative

21. QuickSilver


Application launcher and much more, a real productivity booster.

Windows alternative

22. NetNewsWire


My favourite RSS reader, opened every morning while having a coffee.

Windows alternative

23. DeepVacuum


Download full websites or web pages with this software through http or ftp protocol.

Windows alternative

24. HyperDither


Batch image resizing utility, time-saving if you don’t want to use Photoshop actions.

Windows alternative

25. Transmission


Filesharing made easy with this simple BitTorrent client.

Windows alternative

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