The way people watch movies and television has changed dramatically in the last few years. When movie theaters closed for a brief time, people had no choice but to create an entertaining experience in their own homes. With the popularity of smart televisions, streaming services, and robust wireless speakers, you can immerse yourself in the ambiance and feel like you are sitting in your favorite theater watching the latest movie. The problem with all of this wonderful technology is not all of it is wireless and it can get messy and dangerous trying to find a place to fit all the cables for your television, speakers, routers, DVD players, and other electronic devices. When you invest in a stylish entertainment unit, you have the benefit of beautifying your living space while conveniently storing all of your devices.

Benefits of having a media unit

Organize your media

The entertainment area can act as a living area, a video game room, a movie theater and a place where the family gets together and watches their favorite show. There could be a smart television, one or two video game consoles, a DVD player, a music receiver, a CD player, a cable box, a streaming dongle, and a surge protector or two to plug everything into. That can mean a lot of electronic devices stacked on top of each other if there is no place to store them. 

A media unit will come with shelves for your devices and holes in the back to snake the cables through while also providing an area for your surge protectors. These units are constructed to keep all of these unsightly components, and their cables hidden, so you end up with a sleek, elegant look that will bring the room together.

Improve the look of the room

With the beautiful craftsmanship of a solid oak media unit, you can organize all of your devices while displaying a richly decorated media room that you can entertain in as well as spend a cozy night with the family. The clean lines and practical design of IconByDesign media units can hide all of your messy electronics, make them easily accessible and still maintain an elegant flow to your media room. The beautiful look of solid oak gives any entertainment pod a warm and comfortable feeling so spending time listening to music or playing video games with the family is a pleasure.


Investing in a media unit means that there are no wall mounts for your smart television or stands that need to be drilled for the speakers. The unit is versatile enough to move around the room should you want a new look without having to do anything but unplug from the wall. Everything is tucked away in its spot and hidden from view.


If you have pets or small children who are curious and like to get into nooks and crannies, these media units have drawers and holes to hide cables, carousels, or controllers so they can’t get into the wrong hands or teeth. The weight of the unit is also a deterrent for anyone who tries to get in behind and play around with the connections so you can feel confident that your family is safe from outlets and wires.
Creating a home entertainment room or area can be a great way to get the whole family together for movie nights, video games, or watching your favorite television show. With the right media unit, you can organize your devices so they are convenient to access, decorate the room with warmth and elegance, and keep your family safe by hiding wires and cables.

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