One of the trendiest pieces of modern furniture is the console table. It’s a great way to showcase your style while also getting some practical use out of it at the same time. A good console adds refined yet still relaxed vibes to any space and is a solid addition to any home, no matter where you live.

Console tables are a must-have for any living room, entryway, or dining space. They offer storage for items that may otherwise clutter your living space and provide an opportunity to display some of your favorite decorative pieces. A console table is a versatile piece of furniture with many different styles and materials available that can suit any need. Keep reading to learn more about a modern console table and things to consider when choosing one for your needs.

Choose A Style

The most common modern console style is a traditional console. This style features a top with a marble or wood top and one large drawer or cabinet for storing anything you need to store. These are popular pieces for mid-century homes because of their clean, simple design. You can use them in any room in the house as long as they aren’t too ornate or cluttered.

Transitional Furniture

Transitional console tables are a bit more pared-down than traditional ones. These tables are meant to hold your larger electronics or decorative items that you wouldn’t put in a living room space, like a side table or television stand. They have an elegant look that’s good for most contemporary homes.

Contemporary Style

The contemporary style combines metal and wood to make a unique style, great for modern homes and transitional ones. These pieces have an industrial look while still being warm and welcoming at the same time, making them fit nicely into modern spaces and homes alike. These are great as a TV stand, side table, or anywhere else you may need some extra storage.

Modern Furniture

One of the most popular styles of modern furniture is the modern console table with a glass top. These pieces are sleek and elegant and can be used anywhere in your home if you don’t pair them with anything too traditional or classic. These tables are meant to be paired with other pieces of furniture made from metal and wood rather than being the focal point of your living room or dining room space.

Country Furniture

Country consoles might have a bit of a rustic look to them. They don’t feature a glass top but are made from dark wood and feature doors on either side for storage. These are great if you need something you can use in your home and out on the farm. They’re simple and stylish while still functional enough to hold different items.

Choose A Material

Wood is one of the best materials when designing a console table because it’s elegant, warm, and solid. There are plenty of different woods to choose from, so you can find just the right one for your needs. But there are also other materials to consider.

Metal Console Table

Metal is another good option for console tables since it provides great color, warmth, and style in one place. You should look for pieces made of stainless steel to make them more resistant to stains and fading, but you can also find some aluminum pieces that are great choices.

Glass Console Table

The glass top on a console table provides an interesting accent piece while being durable and strong. You’ll need to be sure that you’re buying a piece made from real glass so it doesn’t crack or break easily, but otherwise, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of using this material in your console table.

Choose A Type

Plenty of different consoles are available today, each with its style and specialty. Before starting your search, you should narrow down your options based on the type of table you’re looking for.

Console Tables

Console tables are the most popular piece that fits the living room furniture and the larger TV stand or side table. These tables usually have a marble or wooden tabletop with a single drawer or cabinet underneath for storage, but you can find some that have three drawers or cabinets instead. They’re meant to be functional but not too cluttered, and they offer storage for your books, remotes, remotes and keys, electronics, etc.

Storage Console Tables

Storage consoles have a lot of drawers and cabinets for storage, with some being able to hold up to six drawers. These are great for use in kitchens as a pantry or for holding cooking utensils and other items, but you can also find them in living rooms.

Wine Consoles

Wine consoles are a great alternative to using a cabinet with your furniture because they are more elegant and versatile in the home. They work well in living rooms or lounges since they’re low-profile, but you can also use them for kitchen cabinets that need extra storage space for items you need to keep on hand.

Convertible Console Tables

Convertible tables are usually large and feature a glass top that can be removed or changed to make your console a piece of furniture in its own right. They can be used as coffee tables, side tables, or even desks, thanks to their additional drawers and storage space.

The Bottom Line

Console tables can be a great purchase for your living room or dining room, but you need to be sure that you find the best console table for your needs. Check all the options and their prices before you buy anything, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Then make sure you choose the right material and style, along with the right type of table, before making a final decision.

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