For quick logo and graphics creation, there is little chance that you will find a better logo design tool than Placeit. Obviously, if you are a branding expert who designed logos all his life, you may be reluctant to work fast and not control every aspect of the logo creation.

However, you should keep an open mind and accept that a long process is not needed for a logo that is just created for a web design mockup or for a small company that doesn’t have a large branding budget. I have redirected several prospects to Placeit already and they have been delighted with the corporate identities they could create for themselves.

Logo creation made simpler

Placeit’s logo maker has the shortest learning curve there could be. It is so simple that you don’t even need to learn anything before you use it.

On the web app’s landing page, you will be presented with a minimalist interface that just includes a text field for you to insert your brand’s name to get started.

Once you did this, you will get the chance to pick your brand’s industry in order to get logo templates proposals. You can do the first customization by changing the industry for more accurate templates, change colors, or choose a symbol already.

Once you select one of these logos to customize it further, you will have the chance to modify every part of the logo using the logo creator. Every color, font, or size can be changed.

Also, if you don’t have a brand name but already want to find a template for the look-and-feel of your future logo, you can check a selection of templates.

Finally an easy-to-use video intro making tool

Another useful tool for creative people, freelancers, and entrepreneurs is the ability offered by Placeit to create powerful video intros for your videos.

If you use the Internet more than once a month, you already noticed that the video format has exploded as a way to communicate for brands. While publishing online has become fairly easy, designing decent videos is much harder.

Placeit’s video maker is impressive for its user-friendliness. It’s also powerful, and features, among other things, the possibility to create Instagram Stories videos, slideshow videos, video intros, or product demos.

The slideshow maker is worth a mention, as it can be used to promote any product or service and make it more appealing. Let’s say that you are a freelance designer and that you want to interactively display your services or lastest work on your homepage. In this case, creating a slideshow with attractive effects will be the perfect solution.

However, my favorite feature is probably the intro maker, which allows you to create powerful intros for your videos in a matter of minutes. When you think of how hard it was to do this with traditional video editing software, it’s almost a life-saving feature.

Banners should not take long to create

With the banner creator, you can build an attractive image in a ridiculous time. By banners, it doesn’t mean just the old school online advertisements, but all kinds of banners that you will use on your website or on social media.

With Placeit, you can create banners for Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest very quickly. The images created will look very professional, no matter if you are designing for Youtube thumbnails or flash sales promotional creatives.

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