It is becoming increasingly popular to have a standing bar in the kitchen area. Besides completing your interior design and reflecting your style preference, a standing bar also provides a convenient space for enjoying drinks with family or playing your favourite SlotXO games online. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to build a standing bar, you might want to consider using the old kitchen cabinets instead of discarding them.

Read on to learn how to remodel your kitchen into a standing bar in three easy steps.

#1 Measurements

The first step to building a bar from kitchen cabinets is determining the number of cabinets and the respective dimensions. Since it is not advisable to create a bar by stacking cabinets, the bar’s height should be equal to the current height of each cabinet. Typically, kitchen cabinets come in heights of 30, 36, and 42 inches, whereas a standard bar height is 42 inches (if your cabinets are 42 inches tall, they are perfect for a standing bar).

If the cabinets are shorter than 42 inches, it isn’t a problem; standing bar dimensions are flexible. Anyone can make a custom bar height and length depending on the amount of space available, the materials, and the crowd you plan to accommodate.

#2 Assembly

Once you decide on the dimensions for your bar and ensure that you have enough materials for the project, the next decision is finding the best position. Consider using a pencil or tape to map out the position of the cabinets before installing them so that you can envision the final product.

Depending on your needs, you can build a movable or fixed bar. If you choose to fix the bar in place, bolt the cabinets down with brackets. The next step is to connect the cabinets to form the exterior of the bar—open the cabinet doors and use long enough screws to connect each one.

After assembling the cabinets, it’s time to fix the top. If you prefer a uniform top for your bar, consider using a plywood sheet, one that’s slightly larger than the assembled cabinets. Attach the wood to the cabinet tops using deck screws (about every seven inches).

A bar overhang should be approximately eight inches, so put that into consideration when choosing a suitable piece of plywood for your bar top. Ensure the top is level to avoid problems down the road, like glasses sliding off onto the floor. You should also mount the bar to a wall to secure it, even if the floor feels level.

#3 The Finishing Touches

Do you want to give your new bar a makeover? Achieve a stylish look by adding paint or a stain to the cabinets. Hanging a mirror on the wall behind the bar also finishes off the space well.

If you don’t have the necessary skills or tools, consider hiring a contractor to build a standing bar for you. While it may cost money, working with a professional ensures nothing goes wrong and might prevent unforeseen problems.

Outstanding Results

Now, you can transform those old kitchen cabinets into a stylish, practical bar that is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Follow the instructions above, and good luck!

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