Put a Tiger in your tank! This vintage ad slogan by Esso could very well have been the inspiration for this digital art series by Frédéric Müller.

Müller, a digital artist based in Lucerne, Switzerland, takes inspiration from the car’s design to imagine what wild animal could be behind the wheel. He transformed the cars to morphed them into a hybrid of a “carnimal”, then played with it to create imaginary scenes.

The hippo car, an extra attention has been put into details, check out the license plate.
Mr. Hippo getting out of his car.

The Swiss digital artist comes from the 3D modeling industry, a career he has been pursuing at a leading CGI company. This experience came handy when it was time to design these models and scenes with a mix of 3D creation and photography.

All the digital art you see in this post can be purchased as prints at the MAD Gallery, a Geneva-based art space that specializes in mechanical art devices.

Lost Panda and his cute little car.
The Panda car, look at these cute ears!
Mr. Alligator having a blast.
The sweet Gator car.

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