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Linotype has a great discount on Neue Frutiger value packs for the launch of this great new font. This kind of high-quality fonts is quite expensive for freelancers or design students, so I assume that this is a great opportunity to buy it on Linotype’s site.

What got better in Neue Frutiger?

Improving an amazing typeface like the Frutiger is a big challenge, even for an experimented typographer like Adrian Frutiger. However it seems that he’s done a very good job with the help of Akira Kobayashi. Let’s take a look at what got better.

Improved legibility

The previous Frutiger font was already created to be extremely legible, but it even got better.

neue frutiger legibility

Better accents

Another subtle improvement of the typeface is the work made on the character accents, not so important in english but good for other languages like french.

neue frutiger accents


If you already possess the original Frutiger, the redesign has been made so that you can use this new version with the old one, they have the same x-height.

frutiger neue miscibility

Improved spacing

Letter spacing can make a huge difference in terms of readability, great work has been achieved to get a better spacing in Neue Frutiger.

frutiger neue spacing

More font styles

As if the Frutiger font family wasn’t large enough, some new variants have been added to give you even more possibilities.

neue frutiger font styles

Did you like what you saw? Then buy the font at

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