The crypto industry is evolving, bringing many new interesting and useful projects to the market. An example is Chainlink – the project that came up with the idea to unite non-blockchain businesses with the crypto landscape. So let’s talk about this project in this article.

Let’s begin with answering the question, “What is Chainlink coin?”. It is an open-source blockchain that unites external companies with crypto platforms. Chainlink is a decentralized project that allows companies to access popular networks such as Solana, Ethereum, etc. 

The Chainlink coin is called LINK. It supports network operability and participates in concluding smart contracts. 

Here are some facts about the Chainlink platform:

  • Chainlink joins off-chain enterprises with popular blockchain platforms through contracts;
  • All the data is securely stored on the decentralized platform.
  • Chainlink is suitable for game platforms for it offers cryptographical security;
  • Smart contracts automate main tasks for the companies cooperating with Chainlink;
  • Information can be transferred between different blockchains.

Is Chainlink Coin A Good Investment?

As of late August 2022, the Chainlink coin price is $7,05. Experts believe the Chainlink crypto coin is a good option for long-term and short-term investment. They forecast that the LINK rate will increase to $101,52 by 2028 with an average price of about $88,97. So it really looks like it is a good idea to buy Chainlink coin. However, you should keep in mind that crypto investments are risky, and before buying this or that asset, you should analyze it on your own.

LINK token is available on the WhiteBIT exchange. This platform is easy to use for beginner traders, for it offers a simple interface. Buying crypto with fiat money is also possible, but only for registered and verified users. WhiteBIT’s primary goal is to provide total security for clients and create a pleasant user experience.

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