If you’re looking for a cool and unusual chair, you should probably take a look at this collection of great chair designs. Some have been featured already on Get Inspired, our inspiration feed on Designer Daily, make sure to subscribe to it if you don’t want to miss any update.

1. Barnacle Chair

Designer: Ania Wagner – Via Yanko Design

2. Firewood Storage as Chair

Designer: AK47 – Via Trendir

3. Nir Meiri stool

Designer: Nir Meiri – Via Design Milk

4. Deep Forest

Designer: Kibardin Design

5. Spoon Chair

Designer: Gaëtan Van de Wyer

6. The Pata

Designer: Hiroyuki Morita – Via Nvelt

7. Space invader chair

Designer: Igor Chak – Via Designboom

8. Lost in sofa

Designer: Daisuke Motogi Architecture – Via Dezeen

9. The Aperto Chair

Designer: Caroline Havag – Via Contemporist

10. Ocean Rocker wood

Designer: Jolyon Yates

11. Kilo

Designer: Kilo Design

12. Leaf chair

Designer: ilio – Via Trendir

13. Alright rocking chair

Designer: Joseph Riehl – Via Yanko Design

14. ABC stools

Designer: Roeland Otten – Via Design Milk

15. Flip Chair

Designer: John Caswell

16. Inside-out chair

Designer: Alberto Villarreal

17. Fadeout chair

Designer: Nendo – Via Iain Claridge

18. Foam Chair


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