Slot machines are slowly becoming one of the most played forms of gambling in the UK. By law, slot machines require you as the player to know the RTP (or return to player) on each slot game, and how that is calculated.

In today’s article, we take a look at slot machines with the highest (or best) RTP in the UK.

If you want to find out more about RTP and strategy, then check this out! 

What are the top Slot Machines with the Highest RTP in the UK?

As this article title discussed, this is about what are the top slot machines with the highest RTP in the UK. Let’s jump straight into some of the best we’ve seen!

Goblins Cave – 99.32% (PlayTech)

You may have seen or heard of Goblins Cave before, however this gold-enthused goblin loves to win big, or at least give his treasures to you! Goblins cave has an average RTP of 99.32% making it one of the biggest in the UK, and worldwide. 

Although the game itself isn’t the most exciting we’ve ever seen, if you’re wanting to play to have the best chance of winning big, then you should definitely check out Goblins Cave to see where it can take your balance. 

Ugga Bugga – 99.07% (PlayTech)

One of the nicest slots on our list, as well as some amazing bonuses would be Ugga Bugga. Ugga Bugga by PlayTech doesn’t only look great, and features some amazing bonuses, but also has a staggering 99.07% RTP. 

If you’re into nice looking slots, with great bonuses and features along with a stupidly high RTP, then we think yo ushould check out Ugga Bugga to get the most for your money, all whilst keeping your happiness high.

Mega Joker – 99.00% (NetEnt)

Another provider that is well known in the slots community, NetEnt have brought out Mega Joker. Mega Joker is another slot machine that you can play on a casino near you that not only brings a high-level of entertainment (and long lasting), but also an amazing RTP.

Boasting a 99% average RTP, you’re not only going to be enjoying yourself for a long time, but you’re also going to be getting more money back from another amazing game. Mega Joker is also known to be used in most UK casinos, so be sure to keep your eyes open to see if you get a chance to play a couple of spins. 

StarMania – 97.87% (NextGen)

Ever heard of Starmania? We’re sure you have but if you haven’t then you may be on another planet, or star! Starmania is another slot game that gives you a burst of enjoyment and features some pretty good wins, bonuses, and game features that allow you to enjoy yourself.

Not only this, but Starmania also boasts a pretty crazy RTP of just under 98%, making it worth every penny. Be sure to check out Starmania at a casino near you, because we’re sure that you’ll love it! 

Couch Potato – 97.43% (Microgaming)

Another one of our favourites, Couch Potato is another slot game that we’re sure you’ll love to play, whilst keeping your balance up. Created by Microgaming, Couch Potato is a really fun and quite addicting game to play, with amazing bonuses and free spin offers.

Not only this, but how do you fancy a nice 97.43% RTP with that? This amazingly high RTP offers a great level of fun and a great level of funds back to the players. Couch Potato, just like Mega Joker, is quite well known in the UK and often features on mainstream online casinos, so why not take a look next time you’re having a browse for your favourite games! 

Funky Monkey – 97.15% (Playtech)

Last but not least, Funky Monkey is a great and quite addicting slot game that you can find on most online casinos. This slot game is not only something that we can highly recommend due to its amazing playlines, features and bonuses – but also because of its incredibly hight RTP. 

Showcasing a 97.15% RTP, Funky Monkey is one of the lowest on this list, but is another great slot machine nevertheless. Be sure to check our Funky Monkey next time you visit a casino and give it a few spins to see what happens! 

What does RTP Mean?

RTP is the short form of “Return to Player”. This number is always displayed as a percentage, and you may even see this as Percentage Return to Player (%RTP). This in itself means that the % that you see on any given slot machine, is what the game pays back to its players.

This means, if a slot machine has 98% RTP, then 2% of the slots payout goes to the casino, but 98% is given back to the players in winnings. In most cases, the %RTP is not given over the value of a few hundred spins, but usually between 100,000, and 1,000,000 spins. Unfortunately for us players, there is no minimum RTP on a gaming machine. 

Another way you could look at this, is that if the slot machine sticks closely to its %RTP of 90%, then that means for every £10 you wager on the slot, you should receive around £9 back. Of course, this isn’t how it works as this number is given over hundreds of thousands of spins, but this is in short, how RTP works. 

What is the Average RTP?

Every single slot game you play, will have a variance in RTP. This is not down to the sole discretion of the player, casino, or slots provider but rather the number that is accumulated over hundreds of thousands of spins. 

On average, you should expect to see a %RTP of 95%. In the grand scheme of things, you should be looking for an average %RTP of between 93-98% respectively, as this means you should hopefully get more bang for your buck. 


Overall, we hope this guide has helped you understand what RTP is, and how you can find some of the best slot machines in the UK with a high RTP, giving you more chances to win big on your favourite slot games! 

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