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Remember the internet meme where the users where turning a song into a chart? Well, Twitter just got a new meme where tweeples express a song using code. The hashtag used to follow this meme is #songsincode, so go take a look and you should understand how fun it is if you are just geeky enough.

My favorites so far

These are some songs in code that I found really good…

@3rdEden: if(rickAstly) { rick.rolled = true; }

@glenndavid if (Mc.hammer) { this.touch = false; }

@keithnorm Wall.addBrick();

@madeirac2 while(world.isFree()) { keepOnRocking(); }

@mikemangi if(fire($roof)) { need($water)=NULL; burn($roof);

@gvisor RT e self.target = sheriff; // self.target = deputy; self.selfDefense = YES;

@_saint if (kids != alright) print(“ooOh!”);

@mattmetzger: for each (var person in sky) { if (person == lucy) { add(diamonds) } }

My own attempts

Yeah I did try a few times although my programming skills are terrible…

@mirkohumbert if ( $hotel_name == “california” ) { echo “Welcome”; }

@mirkohumbert $(“people”).event(function (‘HoldingHands’) { $(this).people({‘happy’ : ‘shiny’}); }

@mirkohumbert $(clothes).unload( function () { alert(“Leave your hat on!”); } );

@mirkohumbert if ($Love == 1 || $Heart == 1) echo “Let’s get together and feel alright”;

What about you? Did you see any awesome songs in code or get great ideas?

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