It’s no big secret that Star Wars is much more than a movie, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Like any other geek phenomenons, tons of designs are created around it. I collected a set of t-shirts that revolve around Georges Lucas’ movie.

1. A (very) long time ago

You already knew Yoda as a master, now meet the family.

2. Sith happens

Probably not the best one visually, but an amusing play on words.

3. Vader’s mug shot

Looks like someone could finally arrest him.

4. I am your kitty

A mix of two pop culture icons: Hello Kitty meets Darth Vader.

5. For sale by owner

Maybe a bit too remote, but this t-shirt definitly gives you a good real estate offer.

6. Kitty Trooper

Another t-shirt where Hello Kitty meets Star Wars, as a trooper this time.

7. Stormtrooper t-shirt

Want to feel like one of the bad guys? Just try this t-shirt.

8. Pinata à la Star Wars

When Mexican culture meets Star Wars.

9. Wookie of the year

When a secondary Star Wars character becomes the main character of a t-shirt.

10. Hair Wars

Display your love of Star Wars hairstyles on a t-shirt.

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