Are you going to design a website? Well, it is not as difficult as some of the people think when they know the common mistakes. In this post, we will discuss important steps for designing a perfect website layout. Moreover, we will tell you how to start a project as a website designer and what are things that you need to pay attention to. The important steps that we will cover in this post will help you know the basic workflow of website design. We will also share the tips that are shared by a website designing company in Singapore. We will advise you on how to build a perfect layout design.

Define Success

The very first step before starting any project is to know what website you are designing. Despite the description of the website, you should know what visitor expectations from the website. For example, you are going to design a news website. You need to know the main goals of the website whether it wants to provide the best reading experience or to make more ad impressions. A design that needs to be done again is not better with a design that improves performance. Talk to your client before starting any project to define everything. You need to know their goals behind the website.


The second step is to understand the website. It is not like that the client will require you to design a website from scratch. The client will contact you to help you understand what he or she wants.  There are several options and you need to see what is good for design prospective. Sometimes, it needs to be simple, but sometimes there is a room for innovation.

Share Early Designs

You need to share the early design and concepts of the website with the client. You need to make sure that you and the client are on the same page. So, you do not need to waste your quality time on a concept before sharing it with the client. Once a concept is approved by a client, you can start the production. Moreover, if the client is not happy with the first concept then get some feedback to bring a second concept.

Workflow of Design

Layout First

Whenever you start designing, you should design the layout first. A common problem with the designers is, they start their work immediately before finding a solution to the problem. Design is something that means solving problems. An easy way to eliminate these problems is through a good layout.

Start Sketching

The first thing you need to do is to create a framework that solves all of the design problems. In simple words, the framework means the user interface of the website. It is the way, the user is going to interact with the website. It should include all the necessary components such as bottoms bars, sidebars, and navigation.


Before starting, you need to create a grid. Without the grid, the design will not look good and there is no excuse for it.

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